O hai n welcum!

So we have moved to the new home (err blog) and I can’t tell you how much it means to me to be bloggity bloggin’ again. Time in SL for me has gotten a lot shorter & I am finding it hard at times to keep my RL & SL separated now. What does that mean for you? Well, it means that this blog *will* have some RL mixed in to it as well as SL… kinda like eggs & flour, but we’ll try to continue to keep it as interesting and as relevant as completely possible. Does that work for you? Not like you have much of a choice. Hah!

In this first intro type post I’d like to give some SL/RL background info. As most of you know Hawks & I have been a couple in SL since May 2007. Wowzers! Almost a year? I know, right. It seems crazy sometimes, even to me. Anyroo, things progressed from just being the bloggity bloggers, tringo’ers, and DJs that we were, into being united in RL last month (Feb 08′). A lot of our close friends know the story but do you? Never fear, I’ll tell ya. That way the class is all on the same page. See how sweet I am?

Hawks & I were friends for awhile in SL, and tringo rivals. Even though I swear he didn’t make me tingle, he became one of my bestest friends, my muse, #1 fan & my heart. We moved our virtual re’ship to the real world recently when I moved from Hawaii to Kansas. Now we are living blissfully in separate homes but couldn’t be closer. There ya have it.

Now let’s get to some bloggin!


7 Responses to “O hai n welcum!”

  1. Good to see you both again – good luck!

  2. Oh happy dai! Congrats on your new endeavor, once again I support you fully in the execution of another added link to my blogs 😀 Yayyy another Jelly Blog! 😛 KIDDING, Hawks. Seriously, what a perfect wordsmithy match! ❤

  3. Jelly, During the FashCon b-day sale rampage I overheard you voicing with this guy that was a totally dick and I thought you were sooo funny and loved the way you handled him. You mentioned your blog and I have to admit I’ve been blog-stalking you ever since – in a good way – I promise! Love reading your stuff and am sooo looking forward to your new Jawks blog!

  4. jelly! great great great to have you back. i can’t wait to see where you guys take this blog.

  5. Yippee Skippee!!!

  6. alyshassl Says:

    *goes to SLtarget.com and looks for blog welcoming gifts for Jell and da Hawks*

  7. jellybeanmadison Says:

    Lmao awwwwww! You know I love you, even without all the pressies you sent me 🙂

    P.s. Send M&Ms… kiddin

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