Drumroll please…

Okay, wow, so ANOTHER blog to read, woot!! I know you are sucked in and totally jonesing for some new material, so what should you expect here?

1) This is NOT Jelly’s blog!! This is NOT Hawk’s blog!! This is a couples blog brought to you courtesy of Jelly and Hawks, errr Hawks and Jelly, ummm team Jawks? Well anywho, we’ll work that out later, it is going to be from US, the couple.

2) We are NOT going to post as often… :o. Gone are the days of multiple same day posts, we have tentatively agreed to try to post every three days, alternating between us. We might post more often, we might post less often, but it isn’t going to be a constant stream of content like you are used to during the hey day of the Stew.

3) We are going to post a combination of both RL and SL *aghast*. I know it is violating some sort of universal law to talk about RL stuff, but we are one of those unique couples who met in SL and are now making a go of it in the Real World. We are going to bring you along for the ride.

4) We are asking you to be an active reader. We want your comments, feedback, interaction, and participation on this blog. The more we hear from you, the more fun you will have being a part of our growing family of readers and friends.

Okay, let’s get the party started.


19 Responses to “Drumroll please…”

  1. Good luck with the new blogging venture you two!

  2. hawksrock Says:

    Thanks, and congratulations on being the VERY FIRST COMMENT!! woot woot!

  3. Hai 🙂 …Jus bein a good reader and saying hi. See, looks!! I can write commentz!

    Oh yea, I did have something actually to say! I think it’s cool and OK to have RL stuff mixed with SL. I think it helps us all remember that no matter what, our Avies will always have meat-based puppetmasters. 🙂

    “…and the Queen blessed Hawks and Jelly’s New Blog-venture [added it to her RSS reader] and It Was Good.”

  4. [places a potted plant + a basket of fresh baked goods on ur doorstep, rings the bell + runs]

    huggles my Sunshine .. my Hawks 😀 ❤

  5. jellybeanmadison Says:

    Aww yay! Huggles my buttercup 🙂

  6. hawksrock Says:

    haha, thanks Queen, we’ll take any blessings and/or comments we can get.

    Mmmmm fresh baked buns… my favorite…. errr ummmm, ya know what I mean. Thanks D!! mwah!

  7. Love you both ❤ I have said this a million times, but OMGASH, I missed you.

  8. *mutters darkly about all the links she has to change because SOME people would rather bin the bed than change the linen*

    Oh yes! Many congrats on the new bloggy may it be the first of many and may small rodents nestle in your cornfields!

  9. i thought u had a daily supply of fresh baked buns now Hawks? 😛

  10. hawks i guess you won the wordpress vs. blogger argument. i know how much you love your stats so i hope you enjoy all that ip lookup action.

    seriously best of luck with the new blog, new life and your free state of mind.

  11. Hawks I can’t wait to get some RL mixed in. I know Jells a bits for really real, but you are a mystery, cept for the KU part 😉

    I have the toughest time keeping my RL out o my SL…

  12. jellybeanmadison Says:

    Haha! That’s cause I’m an open book and all “hai der” but yah he is a complete & tote different story. :p

  13. Awesome! Love the idea of a combined RL/SL blog! I’m hoping I won’t be able to tell the two apart. I usually can’t, anyway. Though sometimes, if you post pictures, I can guess correctly every now and then. But not usually. I am sooo totally changing my links now. But not deleting the old ones. Cuz I’m cool like that. And a year from now, I’ll still be checking the Stew to see if I’m not really missing out on some secret club. Yeah, I’m that paranoid. It’s all good.

  14. New start, new blog…:) I wish you both the best of luck, RL, SL and Bloglife (does THAT word exist?) …..erm, anyway…YaY

  15. OMG, he lives

  16. You were blogging on Friday? Shouldn’t you have been in Kansas City? 🙂

    I have to admit I loved the old name, but I can adapt if it will mean more blogs. And JH Reports of course!

  17. TY for bringing up JH reports. I miss the theme song :p

  18. jellybeanmadison Says:

    Hahahaha! I still want to do that JH Report on SL re’ships to RL ones that you mentioned before my Gillian. 🙂 All ya gotta do is suggest topics & by golly we will try our best to tackle em. :p

  19. I’m counting on that one very specifically 😀

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