Hitting the end of SL?

It’s enough to cause one to start drinkin’! Where oh where has all the innovative, inspiring, cutting-edge, newness in SecondLife gone? And why don’t people get it? For instance… Babydolls (in top or actual dress form) seriously suck, make you look knocked up, and are not all that sexy (take a poll). That is just one example of a tired trend that just doesn’t seem to die off for lord only knows why.

I feel as if I have hit the end of the road in SL shopping. Either I am not noticing the new or the new isn’t good enough to be noticed. I do need to hand it to Callie Clineโ„ข (no, you did not read that wrong). She has gone & created something new that I have not seen before or will probably ever see again. No, it’s not another caLLie cLineโ„ข rainbowa, but rather her new fLawLess “eye fLashes“. (as seen below)

These are different, very different and it’s nice to see even older designers going out on a limb. However, I would never purchase these for myself, nor keep them if they were given to me. Drag Queens are probably kissing her feet & feeding her grapes. Okay before I get any more “zOMG be nice to poor Callie you big meanie poopoo head” comments – I’d like to once again point out that I am calling her innovative, and creative. She took some creative initiative to produce these babies, and just because I am so anti-ever wearing them, doesn’t mean everyone else is as opposed.

As SL is progressing into newer things such as an inworld browser window, confusing us with the new contacts list separate from IM, and moving our say/shout buttons… I feel that fashion too should evolve already as well. It’s not enough to make a skirt outfit and re-texture it a million times to sell. Most consumers aren’t that naive not to notice. Hah! I just realized I’ve vented this same vent before. Go me! Nice to know things “still” have not changed.

How do you feel about the current state of the SL fashion world as a consumer, as a designer? Could it be because of all the content theft, designers have become more apprehensive about creating? Is it more comfy to stay within the normalcy of what has been done rather than do something ultra-new? Or has all of the creative spark been sucked into a black hole of yawn?


10 Responses to “Hitting the end of SL?”

  1. I disagree on *some* babydolls and empire dresses. I still wear them in RL in the summer as I am small and rather flat chested >.<, and they’re so easy to wear – so I still wear them occasionally in SL if they’re good too. They do need GREAT textures and shape though, and not everyone makes them well in SL.

    In general, I’m not as inspired with SL fashion as I had been say last fall, but there’s still a lot of great content creating going on. I tend to make smaller purchases now – shoes, bags, HAIR, jewelry and then select clothing pieces to mix and match. I’m not as interested in expensive dresses now since really, there is nowhere to wear them lol. I wish more designers would focus on pantsuits for female avatars. Not businesswear (!!!), but tailored trousers and jackets that can be mixed. I’m hoping that ‘Kota Buck – who RULES this style – will start producing some under her new avatar at Armidi for example. Not formal, but chic and casual (don’t throw up Jelly <3)

    I do miss the constant updates from some of my favorites (Saeya is one that comes to mind) but I would say that maybe things will pick back up perhaps when the seasons change? I have to say that having the constant updates from ETD, CS and Canimal make me super happy, as well as Lyra coming out with her new shoe brand. There’s still A LOT going on – but I do think the looming shadow of content theft makes it hard for people to stay inspired and engaged perhaps.

    For me personally, life is just really busy and I don’t have the time atm to sit in SL for long periods of time. I miss it – but a lot of my friends have the same bug I do. Really busy and SL is the first thing to take a back seat when that happens.

  2. doveswanson Says:

    Yay! Congrats on the new blog!

    I think everyone has been feeling that weird almost quiet-slump lately. From content to blogs to consumers even. Everything has come to a kind of slow-crawl. It’s weird. I hope it passes soon.

    Oh, and I’m one of those that loves a babydoll! ๐Ÿ˜€ Not in RL, never ever. But in SL, yes! I typically wear them in my “creepy dolly” outfits where they are meant to look a little extreme and possibly edging on tasteless. But I think that’s MOST of my clothing choices. LOL. I can’t help it, I see a beautiful, pristine, fluffy-layered white babydoll and I imagine wearing stitched and abused skin layers and nails driven thru the wrists and meaty eyeballs popping out of the sockets – all at once. Woo!

    One person I wanted to give props to – antonia of artilleri! She’s still pumping them out and each one is fresh, unique and awesome. She’s one of the few designers I will wear color for.

    So, erm, yeah…woo, another blog to stalk!

  3. okay those “flawless” eyelashes are…fucking ridiculous. I’m sorry. Yes, they are new and different and take a risk, I agree. But when I saw them, I thought it was some kind of joke!

  4. I’m with you… to a certain extent. Isn’t it funny, though, how I can still find stuff to spend my L$ on? I’ve focused my attention on the sculptie shoe explosion instead I guess, lol. I think a big part of the *yawn* nothing new comes from the saturation of new releases we all see now. Sure some things get blogged way too much, but if you look at the feeds, there is so much out there now. What sucks is having to sift through it all to find the gems. Any suggestions on making that easier?

  5. Oh and ps – you can move your contacts window back into the IM window ๐Ÿ˜›

  6. I lurve babydolls, tops especially, in RL. But then I am a Boho/Hippie chick at heart, well at least fashion wise. A peasant top and jeans is my thing. SL is completely different. There I have that perfect body and love to wear things I couldn’t get away with in RL.

    And anyone who knows me, knows that I am in an SL slump right now ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  7. jellybeanmadison Says:

    @all ya’ll – jOMG! Color me shocked that ya’ll like babydolls! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ In SL I hate them, really despise them. In RL i hate them too but my 14 yr old daughter could work em like nobody’s bizz.

    @Gillian – I guess I’m feeling as if SL Fash is missing it’s oompff lately. I see things and I’m like “hmm I have that already in a diff texture, color, or from a diff designer” but it’s all just the same to me these days. I am happy about the new releases from the former quad but I’m not a fan of the prim crotch for straight skirts and avoid any o’fits that include it like the plague. Canimal has a few of those that make me cringe.
    Also… WHAT?!? I want my contacts back in my IM winder! How do I do it?

    @Dove – Thanks & welcome to you too. :p I think most of us are feeling the bleh or slump lately. Hopefully Spring will fill us with freshness like douching. LOL kiddin

    @Myg – You shoulda saw them in person. They are creative but my gosh. I think they’re too edgy for my tastes & that’s sayin a lot.

    @Rosie – Omg! Hai der! Nothing seems to *jump* out at me & I’ve found I have more L$ cause of it which I’m sure is making Hawks happy. LOL

    @Cierra – I so pictured the RL like that. lol! Comfy chic! I’m sorry you are slumping too. We should just all dive into a vat of Cadbury Creme Eggs & all come out happy. I’ll go first! ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. I love your blog! I love the fresh perspective… It seems all the blogs I feed are all feeding off of each other. As for sl fashion, when I first logged into sl back in January of 07, everything was hootchie-mama/mall-rat/pleated mini-skirts with tons of bling all over. The only couture was the quad so that’s the only place I shopped. I would say during this year and 2 months, couture has taken off in sl, and the designers have started to distinguish their sexy vamp styles from the hootchie-mama pole dancer look. (no offense please, I just don’t go for this) I look forward to your updates, and cast my vote for the babydolls ๐Ÿ˜‰ Armidi does them well and Last Call had them nailed.

  9. I don’t much like Babydoll outfits either in RL or SL. I bought exactly -one- since I’ve been in SL and I immediately deleted the prim part and only wear the base as a tank top anymore.

    I like the fact some designers like Callie Cline are still thinking outside the box… but most of their stuff just don’t look good on ME. For instance I could never see myself wearing those eyelashes. Very edgy indeed.

    I also agree that stuff is getting -way- too saturated especially in women’s fashion. This is why for my new store I’m staying away from women’s clothing and such and leave that all to the ‘big guns’. ๐Ÿ™‚

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