The SL Slump…

Lifeless cliches, emptily flashy style, plastic characters and armpit of blehness? Yah, I’m feeling it, and I’m not the only one according to the comments on my last post. I wonder what actually causes it in most others. I think I know why I have mine… One being the lack of what I “want” in SL, and also what I now “have” in RL with Hawks.

There was a time where I was consumed with SL, sometimes spending anywhere from 6-12+ hours a day inworld. Omg! Why? Who does that? Ignoring RL and losing myself in the virtual dream world. Even after I got a job (back when I lived in Hawaii), I would still spend as much time in between shifts, days off, etc in SL. Myg had wrote a very great post along the similar lines and like I said in my comment there, it wasn’t obvious then as to why I spent so much time online, but it is very much so now – I was unhappy, on Prozac for awhile (though I still disagree about being depressed – I believe I was just in a bad sitch), and found it much easier to pretend I really wasn’t there if I was in SL.

Now I find myself logging in to just stand around like furniture (just ask Aka). I usually plop at our virtual home and sit in IM with people I’ve tried to keep in touch with. I just can’t seem to find that SL spark I use to have there. I’m bored. Everything that was there for me is now here in my real life… Hawks, entertainment, exploration, shopping (have you been to haha.

Hawks & I may live in two different places but see each other often enough, though I love being in his arms in SL, RL is so much warmer. My wonderful boys & the crazy people I work with provide enough entertainment and there are like a zillion different venues in my new town. Speaking of my new town, I love exploring downtown with the awesome window displays, hidden history & fabulous eateries. I’m beyond RL content, that SL is starting to feel like a faded dream that provided me training wheels til I was ready to ride on my own on the outside.

As for everyone else, I can’t answer as to why some of you are suffering from SL blehness… I’d love to hear your theories though. It seems like this happens every year (sometimes more than once a year) around the same time. Mayhaps it has to do with RL seasons? SL overkill? Lack of finding things to entertain you inworld? Slipping interests in stuff you use to like? You tell me, I’d love to know.


9 Responses to “The SL Slump…”

  1. I was just talking about this with someone else last night. It’s undeniably true for me too. I haven’t put my finger on the one man reason why for me personally yet, but to say that my RL has become truly beyond busy, is an understatement. I’ve also had several close friends recently leave SL – or spend less time here (yeah, you’re one :p) – and so I am a lot less motivated to log in some days. I am spending a lot of time building a better offline life – it’s a slow process and it’s taking a lot of my energy.

    But at the end of the day, I do believe there are MANY of us feeling like this…it’s sort of sad, but sort of necessary too. I still log in and take care of things, chat with pals – and I still *love* to blog, although I am finding it a little harder to stay on top of things due to commitments (happy ones) offline. I hope that we all continue to develop desperately happy offline lives – and then SL isn’t a “need,” it’s a want.

  2. uhhh, yeah – I meant *main* reason lol.

  3. Could the main SL slump could be due to the end of winter? All the stirrings of new life and growth is enough to drive even the most computer-bound of us to sniff the wind and take a walk. Couple that with a dive in creativity (or a rise in theft, depending on your view point) and poor ol’ SL gets a wee bit quiet.

    That said, I do think the training wheels SL offers to get our real lives back on track might just have a cycle of usefulness – and probably a good thing too. Virtual is virtual at the end of the day.

  4. I don’t know Jelly, I am mulling it over myself. I have phases with SL. Right now my work schedule has been crazy and I have some other major RL issues I’ve got to focus on and that I want to focus on. I miss my friends though!

  5. Well, we all know that I had a huuuuge SL slump back over a year ago, I rediscovered RL, rediscovered that I was still in love with someone I thought I wasn’t and got pregnant 😛

    It had to be the best move I ever made, stepping away from SL for a bit to do RL, it made me realise that i’d only been so intent on shoving as much SL down my throat as possible because I wanted to pretend that RL wasn’t there as much, instead of facing my issues, I wanted to just ignore them and SL was my way of doing that.

    I’m pretty much the same now, I log in now and then, do my blog postings for something to do in my spare time and keep in touch with friends. SL really isn’t much of a place for fun anymore, or anything any more! It’s te same old, same old.

  6. I blame it on Alex. And I think everyone else should, too. But you don’t have to tell him I said that, Myg. 😉

    Actually, as I mentioned in a rare recent blog post, when I start having lag or other technical issues, it makes the in-world experience seem almost like a chore, and that’s no longer a pleasant distraction. But not having my best bud around to get in trouble with does make SL lose most of its appeal, I have to admit.

    I suppose if I had a purpose, or fun projects to focus on, that would hold my attention longer than just standing in my yard all day looking at trees while answering the occasional IM.

  7. alyshassl Says:

    First off, I will point out and thumbs up (and take the blame) for the mention. :o)

    Second, I’m kind of feeling the same way. But I’m not necessarily sure it’s about SL all together. I think for me it’s the routine I was doing for so long that I have just basically gotten tired of. In some respects, certain points of my SL are just as stressing and as much work as RL work is. And it shouldn’t be that way. SL should be fun and a place where you meet people you would normally never meet.

    I don’t think I’m ready to give up SL all together or take a huge break in my time there yet. My boyfriend (who I met in SL) is still too far away for me to see in person and SL provides that illusion of closeness that I need to come as close to compensating the RL touch and nearness that I currently don’t have.

    Will I want to give it up once we are closer in RL? Hard to say. I still have a lot of friends there that I care for a lot. But right now, I think I’m more in the mode of “leave the old stuff behind….time for new stuff”.

    But we will see…..

    *logs on to*

  8. I find myself bored. I log in and literally stand wherever I am, on land, in water, wherever….check IMs, group notices, say hi to a few people, stare blankly at the screen and then log off. This started happening a year ago, admittedly when my unexpected SL relationship entered RL and I moved from California to New Zealand. I guess I’ve been busy creating a whole new RL and I can’t much be bothered to deal with SL drama. shrug.

  9. I’ve definitely noticed a change with a lot of folks I know. Some are getting more into SL, while many more others are drawing away from it. I think those who are drawing away (not all, mind you) have had very busy Slifes and need a break. I know I hit a small slump myself within the last few months due to influences outside my control both SL and RL. Instead of leaving SL, though, I’m simply dumping a lot of the old crap and trying new things I’ve been wanting to do for a while like opening an SL business.

    Just a suggestion of how to deal with the ‘SL SLump’ 🙂

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