Virtual Leg Pissin’

Being that I am a girl, I like to be claimed, licked, have Hawks pissin’ on my leg. I know the girls know what I am talking about… profile acknowledgment! Something that tells others inworld that you and he are together. It can be a little something written about you in the 2nd Life tab, his picks, and if you are like Hawks & I – RL tab.

A dog will pee on things to mark what they feel they own, claim it, take it. Mayhapsibly it’s a human condition of the female persuasion but we like to be claimed. I know I do. I am in constant need of affirmation.

So here’s a small tip to guys out there… Put a blurb on your profile pissin on our leg, add more & scream it from the virtual hilltops. Most times all it takes is a small gesture to make us feel all swoony, and you know what it means when we feel swoony. *wink*


6 Responses to “Virtual Leg Pissin’”

  1. I think I may be the exception to this rule. I do not like to be claimed, peed on in any way shape or form, and really.. really.. value my personal space and time in a relationship. That’s just me, though, and I’m a little funny in the head about that stuff anyway.

  2. “Mayhapsibly it’s a human condition of the female persuasion but we like to be claimed. I know I do. I am in constant need of affirmation.”

    You pretty much nailed it. I know I feel the same way. I love being claimed, of my partner publicly and proudly proclaiming for anyone to see that I belong to HIM and no one else. It gets me feeling swoony like nothing else can. It was one of the things that drove me nuts about my ex – that he wouldn’t lay claim to me. There was no mention of me in his profile. We never partnered. I took it as a non-confirmation of our relationship – always thinking he was embarassed to admit he was taken or even ashamed to admit he was with me. Talk about a massive ego blow. My thought is that if you’re a committed couple, then there’s no reason not to claim each other publicly. To not do so makes one think that there’s something sneaky going on. Fortunately my partner now has no problems laying claim to me. 🙂

  3. I love when people put me in their profile. It’s a small thing, but it just makes me feel special when someone takes the time to say “Yes, I know her and she’s important to me.” It doesn’t even have to be a guy. I got totally excited when my friend Cen put me in her picks. But if I had a guy, he BETTER put me in his picks or risk not being my guy anymore!

  4. jellybeanmadison Says:

    It took months, literally MONTHS for Hawks to switch up his profile. He did it as a surprise & OH MAH GAWD! Let’s just say… I’m still all Swoony McSwoonyson.

    Aww Kiki, I know what you mean. I know some people who are the opposite. I think the majority though is for touchy touchy. :p

    It’s just like you say Meara – “my partner publicly and proudly proclaiming for anyone to see that I belong to HIM and no one else.” I can’t get enough of good old fashioned PDA. It’s free, doesn’t take too much man-thought, not much creativity and can mean the world to us.

    Alicia – I’m like that with my girlfriends too and vise versa. Rosie & Aka know if they ever remove me from their picks, I’ll cut THEM. 🙂

  5. hawksrock Says:

    Just for the record, I had you listed in two of my three tabs already… before the “months it took me to change up my profile.” Also, mayhaps I think I have a blog post now, about WHY it took me several months to update it, which might tie into this one nicely… :p

  6. My partner is very nice and friendly. Way nicer and friendlier than I am, in a meant-to-be-innocuous way.

    There is this young woman (I imagine, from her diction, maybe 20) who when he is alone on our sim just stands there until he comes out to talk to her (and I would believe gravity reversed itself before I would distrust him).

    Partnering didn’t stop it … but we now have matching pictures in our profiles. 🙂

    Is that more like branding? LOL

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