Jelly on Fash: Schism Review

Schism is a new store that advertises itself as…

“… the new store for neko/emo/punk desires. Offering handmade clothing varying with different colors and designs on cheap prices affordable to anyone who wants to change their appearance and reflect their style through the clothes.

I had never heard of Schism by In10sE Iwish, it could be because it’s new and/or because I’m not in SL® much anymore. Rofl. I rarely get review copies and I’m guessing it’s because I’m no longer a fashionista reviewer, but these came in a review pack.

Here’s what I think… I feel that these are awesome textures, seriously. The textures & graphics kick ass… However these tops are far from great. They are missing the tiny details that make the tops inworld realistic & not nooblet-ish. For instance, no seams on clothing is a good thing in most cases. I’m not talking about that though because these are seamless in that respect but also lacking the realistic seams around the neck line, bottom, and sleeves.

You can click to enlarge the pics above to see how pixelated the cuts look. Again the graphics are great but the design is lacking. It’s amazing what a difference paying attention to the little details make. I did find one top in the store that looked like the designer attempted to make it look like it had a clear definition of cuts…

The ends still looked pixelated to me. I believe that In10sE Iwish has the potential to go from okay to great, especially if the textures continue to be awesome. I look forward to watching him perfect his craft by paying more attention to the details that really matter (i.e a little wrinkle here & there, realistic cuts, and more variety).


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