May it RIP… Amen

So Jell’s puter has been having issues lately from making loud grinding noises (“Wow, that can’t be good.”) to locking up and freezing on her. Yesterday, it officially crapped out completely. We took it in to the shop today, but they said the turn around time would be 7 to 10 days. This means that Jell is not going to have access to her email, bloglines, SL, etc… for that period of time. Odds are she will come over and use mine some here and there, but our schedules are running opposite atm, and without her car it is hard for her to get over here on her own. We’ll keep you posted, and I am sure she will have a few blogs stored up in her head which will come piling out once she returns… :p


6 Responses to “May it RIP… Amen”

  1. ❤ wishing for a speedy recovery

  2. Hey, not good to hear that. I hope your hardware gets better, btw (smile) we can’t login due a SL issue for 3 or 4 hours lmao.

    Awesome blog, 😛 going to track. Cy soon

  3. Dreamer Says:

    [packs her dodgy old pc in a crate + slaps a bazillion stamps on it, pen poised]

  4. Hope It feelz bettah. I miss u guyz ❤

  5. Hurry back Jelly. Even us quiet lurkers miss your take on life and writing style :). (Yeah Hawks, we miss you too when RL gets in the way of your gifts of insight.) Looking forward to the next posts by each of you.

  6. jellybeanmadison Says:

    Awwww thanks guys! It’s good to be back 🙂

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