Where’s the beef?!?

So I’ve had my puter back for a full 31 hours now… and in that time, mayhaps 6 of them have been spent in SL®. I wish I could say it was eventful, however it was not. So I’m asking you readers to get me up to speed here. Where’s the beef? What have I missed?

Aka & I did try to infiltrate the inner gaming circles of Pizza & Tringo this arvo sniffing for the lastest gossip, dramas and basic who is boinking who, but came up empty handed. Sigh.

I tried to catch up on my bloglines to see what latest have-to-haves that I missed in the SL® fashion scene, and see who was saying wha-wha-what but found it too overwhelming and felt intimidated so quickly hit “mark all read”. Sigh x2.

HALP ME! I feel so out of the loopage that I could just cry.


4 Responses to “Where’s the beef?!?”

  1. I have been on vacation so I have nothing for you >.<. Miss you, Jell!

  2. Cierra Theriac Says:

    Nothing happened. We were waiting for you to come back 😉

  3. jellybeanmadison Says:

    Awwww Happy Vaca Gillian ❤

    Lmao Cierra… I hear caLLie cLine has been very quiet and that’s rare. Can someone put her face on a milk carton please? We must find her!

  4. He said… she said …. O.O *cricket* ….. Indeed I do know many people whose face I can put on a milk carton *smirks* However the world of sl has been unusually peaceful lately.

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