Jelly on Fash: Renegade & Spring Fever!

You feelin it? Spring fever? It’s warming up here in Kansas. Hawks & I have been spending a lot of time outdoors in between workin & puter timeage. Though I loved the boots and winter fash that was spit out last SL® season, it’s refreshing to feel that we can officially start stripping down layers (Hawks taught me the layer system), inhale fresh breezes & sport skimpier *new* releases in SL®.

It’s no secret that I have always loved Kaejo DaSilva’s (a.k.a KO of Renegade) sense of style and/or that I’ve milked him for all the freebies that I could get. I’m a little bias but with great reason, he’s got skills, yO. Before my puter took a major dump on me two weeks ago, KO passed me a folder of “Racing Sweat Outfits”. Unfortunately I’m super late posting this but kinis are always in season.

Yes, I know I said “Racing Sweats” but in my folder I found tops, kinis, drawstrings & realized he did not pass me the pants! *gasp* No worries! I love love love love love KO’s kinis (reference: [Renegade] New Bikini Bomber Pack from the Verbal Stew archives). He is the one GUY that does them right imho.

Tsk Tsk KO, Mr. Anti-Cleavage shirts, you’re actually letting us show our hinnys in these thongs again! Yay! These kinis actually come in full outfit sets (not shown here) – Kini top, Crop top, Racing thong, Racing sweats, crew socks AND Racing Street shoes. Uh huh! Oh yah! I would tote take a pic of the entire set (since he finally gave me pants) but that would so take away from the gratuitous kini shots. :p Kidding… You can get your asses down to Renegade now & buy these babies up. You know you wanna!

“Your mileage may vary,” “for a limited time only,” and “batteries not included” or some shit. Where is my Fine Print Guy when I need him? Oh yah, I forgot to mention that KO seems to think he’s a blogger now… hah! So feel free to chickity check out his blog as well for new releases and stuff – [Renegade]

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3 Responses to “Jelly on Fash: Renegade & Spring Fever!”

  1. Uber Cute! Just a bit shocked to see that this item is sold in *Pink* and that my bean was not sporting the pinkness of it :p This particular item has four colors to choose from: White, Pink, Red, and the Black which my bean is sporting in the pictures. 🙂 Personally I’m loving the Red set. It just screams out Exotic, and well we all love Exoticness right? I still think that clothing, as well as dance animations in sl are getting a bit ridiculous in price, but thats just my opinion. Never the less… lookie at all the fun stuff in this pack! Yay for full outfits!

  2. jellybeanmadison Says:

    Haha well *I* was gonna do it in pink but it tote clashed with my hair and I don’t have that particular style in blond with pink tips. :p

  3. Yes I can see how a pink bikini would totally clash with your pink hair 😉

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