I’m Back – and Something’s Fishy

So I am back from one of those vaca’s that about 1/2 way into it you realize that you aren’t really so much on vaca as providing free cheap labor to make your parent’s grandiose designs come to fruition? Meaning, I go down to their retirement cabin for 4 days of rest, relaxing, and sipping cool lemonade by the river, only to realize that I am actually down there to sand, buff, and stain their deck after first caulking all the joints in their house? I finally had to draw the line when Dad was suggesting that we tear a few shingles off the roof to go looking for a leak that he has in his bathroom. Ummmm dad, yeah, that’s a great idea, but I don’t really remember that reincarnation where I was a roofer, and there is a high probability I am going to fuck something up which is probably going to cost you more than just having somebody with the title roofer in their yellow page ad come take a looksie at it first… lol. So I won one little battle, only to hear the infamous last line of… say… think you can come back over Memorial Day weekend to finish off a few more projects we have in mind? Sure Dad, I’ll be back! I mean what are you gonna say? really?

Well not only was the vaca interesting but I am coming back to some interesting things here as well. Am I still tripping on my uncle’s secondary smoke, or am I seeing psychedelic looking snowflakes next to peoples names on the comments sidebar? Anyone… anyone…. Bueller…. Bueller…. Also, what the heck is the possibly related posts thing that pops up on the bottom of some of our posts? Yeah, I’m not thinking that Jell’s aftermath post has anything to do with Club Penguin cheats and stuff?? I mean wtf?? Honey what is going on here?


One Response to “I’m Back – and Something’s Fishy”

  1. O M G !

    I know!!!! And I thought it was only me seeing the lil’ snowflakish drug wonderz!! Granted I don’t do drugs nor’ do I have much secondary drugs to use as an excuse but I *am* high on life and thats why everyone thinks I’m on drugs lol! Anywho! I Digress! Ummm Yeah thank you soooo much for shining a bit of light on that tiny detail cuz it was driving me bonkerz and i din’ know what ta do šŸ˜¦ At least I now know I’m not the only one, even though none of us know how to fix the lil’ issue. Ok sooo moving on, sorry to hear you didn’t have a good vaca Hawkz, normally parents dun = vacation unless your kids are involved lol It tis’ a sad thing to say but the the truth must be told… even if some can’t handle it lol. And *Yes* you shall return to them if only due to the simple fact that they asked. Isn’t life just full of wonderfulisheousness?? Hehe and I still have all this to look forward to! Yay! Tis’ good ta have ya back Hawkz! <3’z til’ next time! šŸ™‚

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