The Cure highlights…

The band that opened for the Cure was “65 Days Of Static“. Their name says it all… I’m not a fan, but what do you expect from the pre-show show? Not much, right? Also, if you *thought* you knew the Cure, you don’t know shit til you get to see them live! I had no idea they could rock so hard when just jamming together. So anyroo, it’s like after midnight & I have to work tomm, soooooo let me get in my highlights.

Jell’s Cure Highlights…

  • Hawks’ hand up my skirt.
  • Hawks’ hand up my skirt at the motherfooking Cure concert!
  • Dancing up against Hawks.
  • Dancing up against Hawks at the motherfooking Cure concert!
  • Cuddling Hawks in pub-lick!
  • Cuddling Hawks in pub-lick at the motherfooking Cure concert!
  • Robert Smith
  • Robert Smith’s accent saying the word “fucking”. That was hawt!
  • the nice weather!
  • The Starlight Theatre. (Wilma, you were right! I love love love that place!)

There’s like a millon more things I can say but I *do* need sleep. My get up and go sooooo got up and left like sometime last week. I’m pooped! Thank you baby for taking me to my very first Cure concert ever! I love you! It freaking rawked!!!


One Response to “The Cure highlights…”

  1. Wilma Delgado Says:

    Great! We’ve seen several shows out there. I love that place. It really doesn’t matter where you sit…you have a great seat! Plus, how cool is it that you can park yourself right beside the bar and bathroom…and still watch the show?:) OMG..I just thought of something…I actually was proposed to in the parking lot at Starlight. Doug had this big romantic evening planned for the next night…but uh..sitting in the parking lot after a James Taylor concert…waiting for the traffic to thin out…I guess we got kind of carried away in the moment;)…he asked me to marry him…grins.

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