It’s my alien offspring & when it hatches…

Ever have one of those uber random days? Welcome to my life. Hah! I’ve learned that it’s just not easy to be pink, seriously.

Anyroo, update time. I was accepted at JCCC (Johnston County Community College) where I will be starting with *one* class. Just one. Hey! Not all of us can be over-achievers like Hawks. Rofl! So expect me to be getting some graphic designs skills yO! Although Journalism/Creative Writing is still in my future but at the moment… I feel graphic designing is where I need to be.

As for SL, well Hawks & I have decided to completely tone down our SLifestyle, and we’re going to be like wandering gypsies. Oh yes! Good times. All we need is a Complete Me pillow from Pillow Talk and a place to bury my SLExchange box. I honestly cannot believe people have been buying my crap. In fact, I believe a bunch of noobs just discovered my gestures cause they’ve been selling like craaaaaazy!

Hmmm what else to say… Oh ya, scandalous times in SL? Minnu Skins & the Gogo Stiletto Moody classifieds controversy? My gosh! Hah! I bet you thought I was going to touch those two subjects, huh? Yah, not so much. Anyroo, back to bugging Hawks. Will write soon. Mwah!


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