Grawr Alicia!

Alicia Chenaux, you know the lil over-achiever on Chi’know? LOL She offered up a Big Bad Blogger Challenge yesterday and I wasn’t sure I was going to do it.

Okay so since our blog here is slow lately – hey it’s summertime, ya know! And because we do post RL/SL content… I’m taking on her questions because heaven forbid my post comes off like a Seinfeld episode. Kidding.

BBB topic for Saturday:

SL Bloggers – Do you have dreams about SL? If so, do you dream of SL as it is, or does it become more “real world?”

RL Bloggers – Do you have places in your dreams that you frequent, but yet they do not exist anywhere in the world?

I use to dream about SL stuffs and it was weird because my friends would look just like they did in SL but in a RL environment. Does that make sense? Like it would be me & “Hawks” for the longest time. I looked like my RL me, but he was “Hawks”. Yah, that doesn’t happen anymore. lol

I’ve never paid much attention to places in my dreams that I can remmy. Okay, the end – I have ticket pull to do.


3 Responses to “Grawr Alicia!”

  1. Okay, what’s a ticket pull?

    Going to have to think about the dream thing…

  2. jellybeanmadison Says:

    Ticket pull is where you try to get the best concert/event tix for a resale company. I do it every weekend. It’s not much, like $20 but meh, it’s gas money.

  3. Haha, I made you poooooost. LOL

    But I totally know what you mean about the SL people in RL environments. That is how almost all of my SL related dreams go. It’s kind of crazy standing in my skybox in my dream, but it’s real. o.O

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