It’s Tuesday!!!

A sphincter says what?

Sometimes I can be soooooo immature. Hah! Anyroo – I’m slacking on this whole BBB thing but I promise I’ll blog when I get home from work if I don’t jump right into WoW. :p

P.s. We’re Blood Elves (Horde – dur!) for a lil vaca from our Alliance chars. It’s kinda fun & I really love being a Rogue. Not like ya’ll were wondering but I thought I’d share anyways.



5 Responses to “It’s Tuesday!!!”

  1. Welll pffffffffffff and lotro is better :p

    Miss your face ā¤

  2. What?

    I don’t get it. You didn’t finish the joke. What does a sphincter say??


    JB, by any chance, you and Hawks didn’t kidnap Alex and Myg and take them to WoW with you, did you guys?? Or did Gillian take them to LoftR??

    Don’t make me go looking for them in Runescape…

  3. jellybeanmadison Says:

    LOTRO was fun, for like a week :p I’m enjoying the heck out of WoW on most days & especially more now that Hawks & I are the same level. It’s funner to share quests rather than having to re-do them twice.

    Hahaha! I wish we kidnapped them. Sadly we didn’t šŸ˜„ I miss em too.

    Oh and Gillian MISS YOUR FACE MOSTEST! šŸ˜€

  4. BLah!!! I was wondering where you were, been working on my ally toons LOL

  5. jellybeanmadison Says:

    Lmao Soz! Yah we’re there on the horde side, still on the same server (Q) but as Hawksrocker & Jelleebean :p

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