Happy Birthday to my Man Muffin!

For all of those that don’t know, today is Hawks’ RL bday. So I wanted to post a lil somethin somethin for him. 🙂

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday dear Hawks

Happy Birthday to you

I’m not sure if I want to thank your parents or just say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Either way I am so happy to have you in my lives & glad to be making this journey with you. You may think I’m a lil weird sometimes (funny weird, not weird-weird, and not funny as in weird, haha) and you still put up with me. I hope this birthday is better than the last and the next is better than this one. I love you tote & completely. MWAH my heart.

P.s. Aowowowowowowowowowowowo! A-hunga-hunga-hunga-hunga, Hawks Jump on it! 😀


5 Responses to “Happy Birthday to my Man Muffin!”

  1. Dreamer Says:

    I thought long + hard about being a wiseass .. knowing that you would expect that .. but then decided I’d take the more grown-up option of giving you the wettest, sloppiest raspberry on your cheek, stealing your balloon + your lolly bag before running off, yelling “Happy Birthday buddy, glad you had a brilliant day!” .. 😀

    + I am glad .. glad to know you Hawks + to call you a friend!

    huggles, mwas + ❤

  2. hawksrock Says:

    Awww thank you Dreamer! Hope your woman gets back from Europe soonish (if she isn’t back already) and you know that you are the bestest friend evah… no hands down. Mwah!

  3. alyshassl Says:

    Gah!! How did I miss this????

    *jumps into her pile of miscellaneous crap, pulls out a birthday hat and horn, and starts singing*

    Happy Birfday to You! Happee Birfday to You!! Happee Birday Deer Hawks-man! Happee Birday 2 U! *horn blows* :o)

  4. WWOOOOO!!!!!! A day and forever after tomorrow and we are STILL! Celebrating! So…. what do you name a tired shoe? *smirks* :p

  5. hawksrock Says:

    Woot, thanks Aly!! Although I hafta consult my manual to see if horn blowing constitutes infidelity or not… my legal team will let you know. Bill says I will be just fine, so you can commence with the festivities! So thanks for the well wishes!

    Errmmm thanks again Kala!! And will that joke EVER die? please! 🙂

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