Passing of the torch…

I think that a rather earth-shattering occurrence has happened in the blogosphere, and it has gone down not with a thunderclap but more like a silent sneaky transition in the dead fog of the night. Jell is no longer a Mean Girl… :o!!! I can’t say I haven’t seen it coming for quite some time, meaning that Jell has not posted anything on MG in forever, and she was mentioning quitting months and months ago… but it has finally taken place. Why is it that this appears to be bothering me more than it is her?

I think it has something to do with the fact that Jell and I became friends a few months prior to the beginning of the MG blog, but it was during the creation of it that we became best friends and set the stage for all that came down the pike later. I was involved in the earliest discussions (on the periphery and as a spectator only) where the idea was originated, and then launched in May of 2007. The original cast of MG’s were: Rosie Shark (Nicest Mean Girl), Akasha Nyak, Laylah Mistral, PetMe Petunia, and of course Jell (Head Mean Girl).

As with any new blog, it was at it’s peak performance in the beginning when everybody was excited and trying to come up with ways of rocking the system. I can remember dust ups with designers, prim babies, ex-boyfriends, and just about anything else that got in their way. It was very much a collaborative effort, that had Jell’s stamp written all over it!

Over the past year, different people have been invited in and made some outstanding contributions for periods of time: Orchid Glitterbuck, Kitty Lalonde, Guenevere DeCuir, and Mygdala March. (I hope I am not forgetting anybody, and I am too lazy to log into SL to check names/spellings, so I think these are right.) Writers have also been kicked out and back on and off again… Hell they even have a writer who has been a writer for over a month and never made a post. I have even been known to ghost write a couple of posts with Jell… 😮

To me though I will forever attach MG to Jell, largely because of my experience of living through the creation of it with her. No one can ever accuse Jell of backing down from a controversial post, or kissing someone’s ass who she doesn’t agree with. Over the last 6 months or so, the reigns were handed over to Rosie and she has done a great job of keeping it going, by landing new people to post, but somehow without Jell being attached to it going forward it just doesn’t seem the same.

I think the quality has really dropped off over the last few months though, and honestly they should have killed it while it was still on top, rather than hand it off and let people reinvent it. Just having to look at this guy every time I log in is enough to keep me away:

I am sure he is a great guy and has a wonderful personality… but is this who you want as the longest reigning beefcake for MG? I mean I am a guy, and I really am not too in touch with my inner ghey-ness, but yikes!

Honestly though, I do wish the new cast the best of luck. I love the addition of Rosie B. and I am sure there will be some new life breathed into the blog. For me I just hope that they stay true to what made MG great, which is smart, witty, well-written posts that stir the pot! I will forever hold a special spot in my heart for Mean Girls and especially, my Head Mean Girl, miss JellyBean Madison.


11 Responses to “Passing of the torch…”

  1. That is an earth-shattering occurence! I did notice that JellyBean hadn’t been posting at Mean Girls, but there haven’t been as many posts there as there used to be so I didn’t think too much about it. I think I assumed she was still an honorary member, or at least granted alumni status 😦

  2. Hey now Hawks…

    Jelly is always gonna be an Mean Girl. She was one of the originals, and she will always been remembered as one along with all of the other original gals.

    Yes I agree that the blog has been lacking for the past few weeks (even joked that it had become ‘Mean Guen’s Guide to SL’ but it’s not completely fair to say that the entire blog has been crap.

    I also don’t see any point in reinventing something that’s not completely broken. We’re simply getting some new blood into the blog since many of the other Girls (due to RL and other things) do not wish to participate any longer.

    As for the writer who’s never written (who shall remain nameless for now) I believe Jelly invited her to MG, personally… she’s simply never put anything up.

  3. hawksrock Says:

    Hey now Guen… 🙂

    I didn’t say the blog was crap, I just said the quality had dropped off, which in my opinion it has from the early days. There have been moments when someone like an Orchid or Kitty have come along and added new sparks to it, and written some great pieces or created some big hooplah which is what MG used to be all about in the beginning.

    Your right that Jell will always be a MG, and I am sure that she could post something at any point in time and y’all would let her… My point of this post was that she needed some sort of send off, not just to be removed and swapped out for someone else, because for a long period of time she was the voice and face of MG that people knew about.

    I personally used this opportunity to take a shot at the beefcake stuff, cuz between the oily skin one’s, the beefcakes who played as women up til a month prior, and this dude who doesn’t know how to wear chick hair right, it has really gotten kinda sad, but that is just my personal bias… lol Sometimes I think the Oh Snap pics got mixed in on accident. 🙂

  4. AMEN! ….



    Someone should write an article on the human race being attracted to “prims” aka “Avatars” or “Toons” lol Cuz honestly, the MG has “Beefcakes” and truthfully we all have a attractiveness to pictures no matter how embarrassing is it to our real lives. Just some food for thought i suppose. kk! ❤ u’z xoxo

  5. I don’t know, I think you are more in touch than you think because I thought your insults to the “beefcake of the month” were pretty “ghey”. This “guy’s” pic was up for so long only because no one bothered to changed it. Beefcake means different things to different people. Your tastes may not be someone else’s. Sad that you chose to try to publicly humiliate someone to make a point

  6. hawksrock Says:

    Oooooo I feel a poll coming on…

  7. jellybeanmadison Says:

    I agree on two points here – Yes, the beefcake was up for a very long time because as you said “no one bothered to changed it”, I know right! But I have to also say that I don’t particularly like long haired guys with oily bodies in SL… hell I don’t prefer that in RL either. To each their own and every one has diff tastes and everyone is also entitled to their opinion. Being that this is our blog we have the freedom of speech to say “Ewww – NO” just as you have to tell us that we’re wrong.

  8. Sorry to intrude on your blog. I am one of the readers. If the choice was wrong then maybe it shouldn’t have been posted in the first place. It just seems odd to post someone’s pic and then rip them apart in a public forum. If that is not your taste that is fine and dandy. It isn’t important if you think the look is good or “ewww”…but this blog was the one who chose his pic. You don’t know Damian and that’s fine. But those of us who do know what a fine person he is and thought it was unnecessary to post his pic on the blog in that way and then try to rip him up just to make a point about the posting practices. And FYI I didn’t criticize anyone else or this blog. I thought leave a reply meant just that. If not, maybe you should remove the option

  9. hawksrock Says:

    zOMG, I am soooo sorry, I have never heard of any other blogs ever posting someone’s pic with the label of blingtard, or fashion dont’s, or big melon butts. I feel like I am totally breaking new ground here…

    I said in my original post that I am sure he is a cool guy with a great personality, or he wouldn’t have been picked by somebody in the first place. Personality trumps looks every time. I just think that the term “beefcake” carries with it a certain connotation or standard.

    You are welcome to comment, and I am just sitting here watching all the stats rock upward as we keep having this seemingly insignificant convo which is driving more traffic to this post, which is sort of counterproductive to your intentions. I still stand by my assessment, but will be happy to produce a poll if you would like validation. 🙂

  10. Elena Says:
    June 27, 2008 at 9:44 pm
    “It isn’t important if you think the look is good or “ewww”

    ok…..FYI! “Everything” that my bean says is important. I don’t care what the topic is.. when it comes right down to the peaches and cream of things she is honest, open, and down to earth. *And* to further emphasize, this is a “blog” And once again this is a flippen “Avatar” a mer “Textured Prim” that someone decided to label a “beefcake” This may just be *my* opinion and you don’t have to give a rats ass about it but if this blog has offended you or a friend of yours then maybe just maybe you’d be better off reading blogs that make sure to sugar coat topics to refrain from hurting feelings. Some people just tend bring out the worst in me, and from what the comments I’ve read from you, your that person today. So now do us all a favor, cry a river, build a bridge, and get the hell over it!

    Hawks…. bring on the polls!

  11. LOL obviously my point was lost, but that’s ok. It’s not worth the effort to explain. I find plenty of humor in blingtards and fashion don’ts, by the way, as long as they are portrayed as such. Poll away if you feel like. Wasn’t the point I was trying to make but if it helps you, have at it. I said all I wanted to say. Happy posting 🙂

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