*Drive By*

I don’t have a bunch of time because I’m running out the door to go to work. Happy Freakin Thursday Poppets! New LOL Blog for people who like graphs. You know I do! Rofl

HAHAHAHA! Oh yah – I’m Kimberlee, for those that didn’t know… Nice to meet ya! 🙂 bai!


6 Responses to “*Drive By*”

  1. Dangit! I just knew I didn’t even show up on your map. 😦

  2. I thought it was Wrath “Coffee” Paine, no?

  3. hawksrock Says:

    OMG Wrath, are we sposed to be offended if we didn’t make the map?? Cuz after your comment, I just realized that I didn’t make it either… :p And can I just say that including Canada as part of the northern US, is just kinda…. ummmmm …. wrong! lol

  4. I didn’t make the map either…. but at least I know from that map that I am living in “Awesome ” Rosie California lol. Thankfully I don’t live in Canada according to that map cuz I’d be even more seriously confused then I normally am. And just a quick observation… the responses on this blog state that the “USA according to *My Bean*” is way more mentally stimulating then the “Mentally Stimulating” graph. Enuff Said!? 🙂 <3’s x’s & o’s muahz!

  5. Holy crap, you’re right, Hawks! Guess I shouldn’t expect to show up on there if you don’t even get listed, lol.

    That proves it. This map is allergic to cool people.

    (Hey, finally a map that isn’t all red and blue states! Although can I just say, ahem, Canada, you are invading my personal space! Back off, betches! They must want our coffees.)

  6. jellybeanmadison Says:

    Haha fook ya’ll! It’s sad & pathetic BUT I have no geological or land navigation skills, yO! True Story! But hey my part is pink!!!! AND anyone who has ever read our blog or been within 10 feet of Hawks & I knows that we live like that close to eachother so of course he’s in the pink part too! So like nyah nyah! Get off my freakin map! 😀

    XOXOXOXO my Kala!

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