Queso’s coming over AND Queso wants to PARTY!!!

Okay sooooooo it went a lil something like this… I grab dinner for my man (a Taco Bell Big Box meal because the yumgasmic Queso Crunchwrap is in there). We have a nice dinner, we make slow passionate love, then hawt, sweaty, pounding into the wall boinkage… Well he explains it here, but I soooooooo wanted to blog it. So I get home & this is the yahoo convo that ensued…

JellyBean Madison: O
JellyBean Madison: M
JellyBean Madison: G
HawksRock: what what what??
JellyBean Madison: I sooooooooooooooooooooooooo wanna blog it!
HawksRock: Nooooooooooooooooooo
HawksRock: lol
JellyBean Madison: damn it!
HawksRock: I was already thinking it, when I was taking a dump…
JellyBean Madison: you cant call it while taking a shit
JellyBean Madison: thats like tagging on home base
HawksRock: yesh, *I* can
JellyBean Madison: gah!
HawksRock: I am also blogging Ludo… so there!
JellyBean Madison: well you *do* have the box & I don’t
JellyBean Madison: OMG
HawksRock: hahaha
JellyBean Madison: Can I at least blog this convo?
HawksRock: maybe AFTER I blog the other one’s…

Anyroo, today I have learned a few things:

  1. We’ve been together long enough to accept that we “pewp” but not together long enough to accept candy-coated unicorns.
  2. Where there’s a story to be told, a blog post will occur, who gets there first is part of the fun!

Okay I think that’s it, it’s WoW time. Mwah poppets! Bai!


3 Responses to “Queso’s coming over AND Queso wants to PARTY!!!”

  1. alyshassl Says:


    I feel so close to you guys right now.



  2. Yeah, I don’t know that I need to feel quite so close…

    I mean, Taco Bell is great and all, and so is secks… but I’d be okay if we kept those two topics in their own separate blog post entries in the future, mmmkthx.

  3. Johnd700 Says:

    This is a great blog, would you be involved in doing an interview about how you created it? If so email me! dgkdbggdkefd

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