All Garbage… All the Time

I’m not sure how many of you remember Appearance Mode (AM for short)? It was a well respected top rated SL Fashion Blog back when there were probably only 3-4 fashion blogs that were well read & the beginning of the phenomenon it is now. Pretty much anyone who knows how to create an account on a blogging server, be it Blogger, WordPress, etc. and wears clothes in SL has become a blogger of de fash. It wasn’t like that 1-3 years ago.

Well it’s been a very long time but Rosie & I were actual writers/contributors to AM back in the day, way before MGG2SL. It made me sad to see it alive again recently just to see that it has become the Garbage Prototype show. I guess I don’t get it… Garbage has his own blog and I understand he’s a designer but the whole concept of AM that he had envisioned and shared with us so long ago seems to have vanished.

Now I see two of the same posts on the feeds – One on his blog, one on AM and you know how I am about repetitious feeding. Ack! Make it stop!

There are links on AM but I no longer see a spot for the contributors. What happened? Did everyone leave, stop writing, get let go or what? I’m curious as to the fate of AM… Firstly because I loved the name, it’s so fitting for the content. Secondly, because I had a part in the beginning. It was my first real fash blogging gig and it’s just sad to see it in the state it is now. Why not just kill it?


4 Responses to “All Garbage… All the Time”

  1. See…this is why I don’t read many fashion blogs, and I steer far away from the fashion feeds. I hate reading about the same outfit 25,000 times. But if Appearance Mode is going to be now just for the stores over on their sim, then ya know…just promote it that way. Don’t use up 2 spots for your stuff when one gets the point across.

  2. Oh I could tell you about the final days of AM….not pretteh.

  3. Eos Ultsch Says:

    Hey, I just saw this entry after a long time. I think I was one of the last contributors to AM… He ended up saying he no longer needed me and whoever else contributed and then he just stopped updating for a while. I quit SL for a while anyhow and now am back but I do remember you!

  4. ♥JellyBean♥ Says:

    Heya Eos… Welcome back to SL ❤

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