Comment Game! Part número dos

I loved doing this last week & wowzers! I learned a bunch about ya’ll and about other stuff that I had no clue about. Now I finger that it was super easy for ya’ll because you didn’t really have to think. I know thinking sucks, huh? But this week it’s going to be a little different. Misty writes a very long (as usual) blog post today called “romance, partnering and wtf!! (freak..Bridget..FREAK!!!)” I love reading her posts though I have to admit sometimes they’re just uberly long. Hah! Well today’s was worth the extra time to read every word because no matter who you are in SL, what you do, or who you know… you’ve known the sitches she talks about and/or have been in them.

One particular sentence caught my attention and that is how it was born in this week’s “Comment Game! Part número dos”…

This week we want to know the answer to just one question:

What have you learned more about in game… yourself or others?

My answer is this… my first year or two in world I learned about ME. In RL I’m a somewhat shy person and in SL there were no walls, I wasn’t standing naked in front of an audience and I felt free to be me. In fact, every day I see a little more JellyBean Madison seeping into my RL. Really you should be a fly in the carpool lane. Well, no, you should be a fly in the car… Being in the carpool lane without a vehicle would just be stupid and really dangerous! 😮 Safety people! Safety!

In the following years, I learned more about others. Those that I clicked with, I licked & kept them close (Hawks, Rosie, Hip, KO, Gillian, Wilma, Aly, Myg, Alex, Wrath and more). They kept and continue to keep me logging in. I love hearing about their lives in world & out, just like I love hearing your answers. So yup. That’s my response.

Please answer in the comments & the first person gets a star licked & slapped on their forehead for all the world to see. :p


5 Responses to “Comment Game! Part número dos”

  1. yeah yeah..I babble….thanks for the shout out!

    *wanders off considering entrapping JB and her blog skimming ways by offering up quiz’s at the end of the posts*

  2. jellybeanmadison Says:

    Hahaha! You know I ❤ you! BUT…. no star to the forehead cause you didn’t answer the question. :p Okay I gotta go study for the Misty Pop Quiz

  3. *gasp!* Nobodies decided to be the first to post with an answer to this very my bean like question ,for a star licked & stamped on their forehead?? SHAME! my fellow com padres SHAME! And with that said 🙂 I will gladly be the first to respond *with* an answer! ( anyone completely shocked by this? cuz I’m not! )

    In world I would say that I’ve learned more about me and how i relate to others. I gained a whole new level of confidence when i entered second life. Suddenly I was able to start new and completely be myself and no one would ever know the difference. In real life I often feel held back by “worldly” things like family, religion, always fighting against the grain for my beliefs, and the fact that I am semi anti social. In second life i was able to speak openly with others and realize that i wasn’t rowing my own boat and that “shock” there were actually people in that boat rowing with me. I made a decision when i entered my second life that my avatar would be everything that I am but have never been in rl. I also learned a lot about my lack of trust in people and have been able to learn my limits, open up, and trust a bit more then I normally ever would have in rl. Being completely free to say and do whatever the heck i want to, without any extreme judgment or criticism really has been a great break from the real world and has taught me not to worry as much when i re-enter it.

    oh and I often think that my “blogs within a blog” can be get pretty uber long as well & I’ll admit it b4 anyone else does! lol so SUE ME! { Enuff Said } <3’s x’s & o’s – Kala –

  4. But I’m shy JB!! Ok..that’s a lie…sorta….

    I’ve learned more about others. Sorta answered it on my blog, but basically that a vast majority of people when given anonymous can turn into complete idiots. But what I have confirmed about myself that I truly am an introvert yet oddly outspoken b!tch when I feel comfortable. Go figure and dial a therapist!

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