Lessons from the Wild

No particular order (many of which learned in a canoe, but not all of em):

1 ) Sometimes you should really get out of the water to scout the way ahead before just plunging headfirst down a channel that looks good up front, cuz what looks easy going in, is not always easy getting out.

2 ) If you hear roaring waterfall type noises and they keep getting louder, then you are probably approaching some sort of roaring waterfall type obstruction and should probably develop a plan of action before you get hung up right on the tip of the drop off over the roaring waterfall.

3 ) If you are sporting younglings in your canoe, then it is probably not a good idea to shout out “abandon all younglings and swim for your lives!!” when faced with the aforementioned waterfall type obstruction, or else it causes additional stress to certain younglings who do not have a tremendous amount of faith in your ability to overcome said obstacle even in the best of times.

4 ) *If* you *happen* to find yourself in the front of a canoe, then split second decisions will win out every time over detailed lengthy analysis about whether to go right or left around an obstruction, or else you end up going *OVER* the obstruction.  I mean sure there are certain benefits to option A verses option B, and they can vary depending on the angle and consideration of all the finer points and Newton’s laws of physics, but there is some certain amount of benefit to all rowing the same direction.

5 ) I’m not sure you score points in canoeing for many skate boarding tricks such as grinding, 180’s, 360’s, and such but it makes the adventure a lot more fun.

6 ) Speaking of finances at the wrong time can make even the clouds go limp.

7 ) Some insightful foreign car manufacturers make arm rests that go ALL the way up, so as to be out of the way completely in light of certain in route maneuvers.  Thank god for German engineering!

8 ) God works in mysterious ways like raising the creek up 2 feet to prevent the ‘rents from attending church by blocking the way out in order to stop certain defilements happenings in the ‘rents retirement cabin.

9 ) Mixing the tube size when launching mortars is not such a good idea.   Even when dark, and lighting 4 mortars at once, make sure to have the correct mortar in the correct tube or spooky things can happen.

10 ) When sailing the river’s wild, everybody is your best friend for the approximate 15 seconds it takes to pass or be passed by someone so be sure to smile, and make some comment in regards to how pleasant it is to be everybody’s best friend.   Why can’t we all just treat life like a river?


One Response to “Lessons from the Wild”

  1. Well hawks at least some of us treat life like a river! Its just the unexpected “sort of roaring waterfall type obstructions” that create tension. Thank GAWD we all eventually join together to create something beautiful 🙂

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