50 First Dates – #31 to #40

Alrighty peeps, I am back from vaca and one step closer to finishing out the 50 first dates project with this installment.

This 50 first dates series has generated a lot of fun foreign links in Russian, Spanish, Portugese, and a few I can’t even guess at… lol.   I really love the free translators out there though, so I might have to throw a post together after I finish up with the variations I have seen as read through various translators.   They crack *me* up anyway.

I still have several favorite spots in this list, so I have kept the quality from dropping off, but I must admit I am running low on known places, and I will have to do a little exploring to finish out the last ten.

#31 Acropolis Gardens

Obviously an oldie but a goodie.   They have more guided couples tours than any other place I can think of.   You can walk together hand in hand, take a balloon ride, or even board a spaceship.   Not to mention, you could actually *walk yourself* around the beautifully landscaped sim.  The only downside to this location is that it is very popular, which means lots of people, and you are subject to chat spam from all the noobs on location trying to get in each other’s pants faster than you can say Hai der!

#32 Virtual Starry Night – Van Gogh Exhibition

If you haven’t checked out this exhibit, then you have really been missing out.   Someone had the awesome idea of taking some of Van Gogh’s more famous works, and making them 3-dimensional living recreations.   The sim is packed with educational info about Van Gogh and his many works, but the real fun comes in being able to step into his paintings and see life through his eyes.

#33 Africa

Africa is a fun sim to explore by foot, but the highlight is riding the inner tubes through the river and waterfall areas.   There is a dance spot as well, and many different pose balls sprinkled throughout the build to provide for photo ops.

#34 Joy Isle

This was a new one for me that I picked up from a comment in the SL forums where someone was discussing this 50 first date posting.   It is your typical setup with many couple pose ball options set amongst some scenic locations, so is worth the trip out to explore and look around.  You can tell I was starting to crank these out because I didn’t wait for my shirt to rez…  lol.

#35 TCH Rock Climbing and Sky Diving

Rock climbing is a relatively new sport in SL, but still makes for a fun diversion.   Basically you can race against another opponent on jumping from pose ball to pose ball as you make your way up the wall.   If you jump to an unrealistic next foothold, then you will end up crashing back down and being disqualified.   You can also strap on your parachute and try sky diving from this same location.   There are a variety of freebie and more advanced chutes you can wear.

#36 AKK Horse Ranch Island

Obviously you have to have a horse to go horseback riding, but once you shell out the 1500L’s or so to get a good one, then you have opened up many new areas for horseback riding.   One of the main suppliers of quality horses is the AKK Ranch, and they also provide a lot of scenic trails that span their sim to let you play out your inner cowboy/cowgirl fantasies.

#37 Sweethearts Jazz Club

Thanks to Arcadian for pointing me to this great little jazz club by the prior owners of Phat Cats.   Be sure you go down to the lower level, because that is where all the atmosphere is away from the vendors you see upon teleporting in.   There are also scenic pose balls positioned around the perimeter of the dance floor in the landscaped areas.

#38 The Ginsberg ARTS center

Another great art museum that also includes a special erotic photography exhibit of both RL and SL nudes, as well as a planetarium in addition to several stories worth of art exhibition space.

#39 September Rain – Rainforest

Looking for an amazing spot to slow dance under a waterfall in the rain on a rotating lily pad?  Then this is the spot for you.   There are also 5 “hidden caves” and treehouse rentals if the first date progresses quickly into something more.   😉

#40 Junkyard Blues Club

Last for this round, but DEFINITELY not least, I absolutely love this build.   I enjoy when someone does something different than the ordinary, and for this build you can either dance on the standard dance floor to some great blues music, or you can venture out into the build and find all sorts of hidden pose balls that let you make out in the back of a pickup truck up on blocks, jump on the resolution balls in a phone booth, or make sweet suckling sow love in any of a numerous locations in and around the trailer park.   You have to see it to appreciate it, but if pink flamingos and christmas lights up year round make you chuckle, then you will love the attention to detail of this build.


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  1. Awesome list, Hawks!

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