Things I’d love to see in SL…

Gah! Okay before I start this post, when did WordPress decide all inserted images need an alt tag? Grawr! Just wait til I buy the upgrade to re-code & revamp this mofo! Nvm… I’m over it.

Okay here are a few things I’d love to see in SL:

  • Well-made prim sandals adjusted to be carried in your hand… for like walks on the beach when you take off your shoes and curl your toes in the sand.
  • Pose to go with said sandals (animated & static – I’m greedy).
  • More dartboards.
  • The fixed version of the Iron Games Pool Table, ours is teh borked and I miss it.
  • The recreation & rebirth of the Starax Magic Wand by Light Waves.
  • Rosie, Aka & I in the same place at the same time.
  • Shiny Murlocs.
  • Hawks & I dj’ing together again one night a week.
  • Myg & Alex.
  • A big band club.
  • More stores with “New” walls at the entrance.
  • New hair at ETD & Deviant Kitties.
  • Perfect jean shorts.

I think that’s it for now. :p Okay I’m off to bed. Mwah poppets!

P.s. Hawks & I are now on Plurk… find us.

Hawks’ Plurk

Jelly’s Plurk


4 Responses to “Things I’d love to see in SL…”

  1. Have you tried League for jean shorts?

  2. I 2nd the vote for League. I have a pair of shorts from there that I love love love. Great clothes there.

  3. Great list. I especially agree with you guys DJing one night a week. I totally miss TMI Tuesday — with Myg and Alex, of course.

  4. I second wanting more *new* walls

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