Oh My Wow! There I go again – Forgetting we had a blog.

Okay so I suppose this is update time. Usually I don’t do this until I get an IM asking wtf I’ve been. I guess ya’ll are getting use to it by now. Hah!

Apparently my puter is still functional. Dr. Dave came over & ran all kinds of checks and the good news is that it was *not* my hard drive. However, my ex had 4 sticks of memory in my puter that were all different manufacturers. I guess over time they start to break down & have a hard time communicating with each other when you do that. Needless to say I went from 3.25 gigs (I think) down to 1 gig of RAM. *sigh* Everything runs laggy to me. Not too laggy, it’s bearable but still sorta annoying. I’ve made Dr. Dave & his partner Terrance the Primary Care Physicians for my puter from here on out. It’s sorta nice to have my puter seen & treated all on the same day.

Other than that, Hawks & I have been in WoW where I am happy to announce that I have stayed with one char long enough to hit 32! Yup! My hoofie pallie has lvl’d up and has a warhorse mount that I call “Peanut”. Long story, but the name is fitting.

We will also be in SL more coming up here because we have a couple video ideas that we’re tossing around. That’s all I can say because well, Hawks does that stuff. :p

I think that’s it for now. I gotta play me some tringo! Toodles


3 Responses to “Oh My Wow! There I go again – Forgetting we had a blog.”

  1. haha seems many are veering away from SL lately and going to WoW… proud to say I’ve stuck to one character, denied my other 2, and have made it all the way to lvl 63 (BE hunter)!! Hopefully will kick ass and get to 70 within the next week or two…. then I can start playing my other two again (BE pally & undead lock)!

    Figures, I had to wait till 40 to get my mount then the new patch came out that said 30 -.- but I finally got my swift mount last night! YAY for blowing 595g!

  2. My Main on Wow is now proudly at level 65! wewt! I’ve been a bit burned out on Wow the last couple days though.. but once i get back into things i’ll be level 70 in no time! Then I can start really drillin some of my other alts ( yay -_- ) lol Anyway Cha! Lovez U all! ❤

  3. david partridge Says:

    Wouldn’t you technically have a hoofet? And mages ftw!!!!

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