On Jelly’s Planet…

On my planet it wouldn’t ever rain, but instead multi-colored bubbles would fall from the sky. “Sweetie don’t forget your umbrella, it’s bubbling outside.”

Mountain Dew would come from every drinking fountain all free like & plentiful.

Everyone would get a cute bunny rabbit to love on their 16th birthday to keep forever & for always.

Freeway signs would greet morning commuters with happifications. “Good Morning Sunshine – Have a terrifical day! No traffic ahead.”

Everyday would not only be donut day but cheese bagel day… and Dillons would make enough cheese bagels for everyone to enjoy TWO each.

The planet would be made of dirt, not candy… and no dirt eaters would be allowed. However, paste eaters and marker sniffers are okie dokie pokie!

The work week would only be 3 days long allowing for 4 day weekends, every weekend.

Chris wouldn’t be allowed to sit close to ANYONE, if even allowed on the planet and she can never ever speak of playing footsies or cuddling.

Bloggers would hold the highest of all status on my planet and all major decisions would be made by blog polls.

I would be the only one allowed to own a yellow car, but everyone else can have any other color of the rainbow.

Gas would never be over $1.00 a gallon, would smell like strawberries and would also be environmentally beneficial.

There would be no war, but if you had a beef with someone (for instance s/he was an annoying spaz) you could always settle it in the battle arena built for my entertainment as well as yours.

That’s all I can remmy now from my day long daydreams. 😀


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