Who says there’s no such thing as fairytales?

I’m a mom, first & foremost. Before I can do anything else, I have to think like a mom. It’s like what I do. My kids are younger so I watch a lot of movies, kids movies. I love it though because I’m still a kid at heart. My question is, when do we as adults stop believing?

I sent Hawks off to work this morning with a cup of coffee, a cheese bagel & a kiss and I went in to watch The Spiderwick Chronicles. Though not really a traditional fairytale, it got me thinking.

How can we say we’re not living a fairytale? In my life there is conflict, like a fairytale. There is hope, like a fairytale. There is a hero (whether it be yourself or another), like a fairytale. There are so many similarities that it’s hard to say that there’s no such thing. Okay so there isn’t a castle, a goblin king (David Bowie was hawt), glass slippers or a witch… but the same basic principals are there.

What fairytale are you in?


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