Reprieve from the heat…

Wowzers Kansas has been hot – reaching above 100° degree temps. I’m not use to this at all. In Hawaii it was always between 75° -85° everyday rain or shine. My commute doesn’t make the weather any more enjoyable either.

Today though we are cruising with a current temp of 72° / low of 64°. It’s also raining which is a nice change. Hawks is at work today, sadly, but it’s nice to know that he’s not roasting as usual. He’s already worked something like 14 days straight without a day off. Craziness! I would have gone ballistically insane by now.

My day is consisting of continuing my laundry saga. School starts on Wednesday & I wanted to make sure that there isn’t one piece of dirty clothing in this house to be found. I’m so glad it’s not hot today as I trek back & forth to Hawks’ house to switch loads. 😉

Well that’s my update… Hopefully Hawks will get time off soon to catch up on sleep, energy, and bloggin. 🙂


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