Goals are just dreams with deadlines…

This morning, well mostly yesterday & most of this morning, I was thinking about goals that we set for ourselves. Remmy when you were a kid & you wanted to be a doctor, a nurse, a fireman, etc. How many of us actually reached those goals? How many of us have changed our minds numerous times over the years?

In SL I believe I have reached most of my goals. I was a fashion blogger (dime a dozen now), Machinima Artist, Content Creator, DJ and found the love of both my lives. I’ve done a lot in my 4 years inworld. I wonder though what your goals are? Did you set some for yourself in SL? Do you believe that it’s still a game?

In RL I have a lot of goals that I’d love to accomplish, I’m working on those as I maneuver through current obstacles. Even as a blogger, I have goals – like completing the “Our Story” series, and getting more machinima out there on the posts.

Really this is just me rambling for need of a post but I’d really love to hear about goals you’ve set for yourself in & out of world.


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