Starting a Revolution…

Tonight Rosie & I said our final (shup, for reals) good-bye to MGG2SL. We had discussed breaking off from the MG status & creating a new blog for awhile. I believe that in the over a year that MGG2SL was around we did some good, had some laughs, and will always remmy what it meant to us. I removed the rest of the contributors, leaving only Rosie & myself. Hopefully for as long as blogger/blogspot lives, so will MGG2SL in archives.

In our search for a new outlet of non-fluffed SL blogging, Hawks approached me & Rosie with a new idea. What if AWNM & MGG2SL merged & snatched up some other awesome talent from across the grid? What an fucking fabulous idea… and so it was born –


6 of the bestest bloggers + one mediocre one all on one blog, bringing you truth, justice & the SL way!


2 Responses to “Starting a Revolution…”

  1. Thinks the scheming begins to unearth which of the bloggers is the mediocre one…

    /me wonders if it is him. 😉

  2. ♥JellyBean♥ Says:

    LMAO it’s me you dork dork! *hugs your head!*

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