I could be a better blogger but that takes effort…

… and effort is seriously lacking over here George. I did however start a post over on I Came, I Vent. Yah, I said “started” but I did go ahead and post it. It just seems incomplete because I didn’t go all full on vent-ifical. A girl needs her coffee and breakfast panini before she can dive into such a thing, ya know. In fact, as I was nahming down on my Global Cafe wholesome goodness – part of a complete yumgasmic breakfast, I realized how completely stupid and laughable the whole sitch was to blog about. Normally drama pops up and I either find entertainment value in it (Shup! don’t even act like you don’t) or I don’t waste any time deciding that I don’t care enough about it to have an opinion. I believe I will eventually go back to it only because the *one* side of the story told was so completely off base and ignorant. That’s enough reason for me to jump on a soapbox, I tell you what.

Anyways, *sneeze* Free State has gotten a lil dusty, eh? Well let me tidy up around here some and share with ya… ZOMBIE WALK 2008! Oh yes, incoming REAL LIFE ALERT! Stop reading here if you ever thought this was an SL only blog. I’d hate to feel responsible for ripping you out of your delusions.

Drum roll please….

If you have no idea what this is, want more info, or just wanna find out when/where one is close to you please visit the central webby – Zombie Walk. This was completely new to us. Hawks told me about 4 days prior that we were going. Who knew so many people would not only show up but also be so purely entertaining and theatrical? It was fun! A zombie walk is basically a flash mob of people dressed like zombies, meeting at an appointed place and sort of following a planned route.

The idea is to have enough zombies together that the group takes on a life of its own. There is no *real* leader but there may be an organizer or two. That way if anyone asks you who’s leading this weird group of zombies, the only appropriate answers are either “I don’t know” or “braaaaains…”

We met up at 8 p.m. Thursday Oct. 23rd at the South Park Gazebo here in downtown Lawrence. From there we headed north down Massachusetts street for plenty of interaction with the early evening human crowd.

How do you become a zombie? That’s easy. Wear some torn up clothes that maybe you’ve rubbed around in dirt, put some make-up on your face and break-out the fake blood! There really aren’t any rules when it comes to putting on your zombie face. Just don’t be afraid of the blood.

You can view my photo stream on Flickr of the pics that I took. Hawks said it best when he said that the pics are okay but without the sights and sounds you cannot fully appreciate it. Soooooo… I found video. I rock like that. Since I was to lazy to find a way to embed it you can watch it here.

Okay I am now spent. Haha! And I still have my Rev post to do at some point today!


5 Responses to “I could be a better blogger but that takes effort…”

  1. I just wonder where all the ‘Heroes’ recaps went…. 😉

  2. ♥JellyBean♥ Says:

    Hah that would require me not to be behind on episodes Mr Paine. By the way, I’m 3 weeks behind. So can you recap for me? :p

  3. Well, I suppose I could provide a recap…. if I wasn’t so darned confused this season!! lol

    It’s like this: you know how this season is called ‘Villians’? So, they’re introducing all these new bad guys. Only they’re also making you guess from week to week which of last seasons heroes are now bad guys. Or if they are going to be bad in the future, but good now, or vice versa.

    In summary, each week I have no idea who’s got who’s back, who I should be hoping to kick who’s butt, etc. Confuzzled. Storylines all over the place, no real flow to the show, cannot believe how much appeal this show has lost for me now. At least LOST was near the end of it’s second season before it started to jump the shark – Heroes wasted no time this season. 😦

    By Wrath Paine, Contributing Columnist, All Rights Reserved® 2008

  4. Chelle Moore Says:

    Hey Jell, I tried to look at I Came, I Vent but it says it was deleted by the owners??

  5. ♥JellyBean♥ Says:

    I dropped you a new link on Yahoo ❤

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