Who needs a Llama, when you can have a COW!?!


I’m the first to admit that drama entertains me like nothing else. Especially SL and more recently Plurk drama. Ya’ll know this already, right? Yah, I have the shirt. (see pic below). Well I have to admit I get a tickle when I start a fire that wasn’t intentional and I watch it go ablaze! Oopsie!

Let me share this plurk with ya…

JellyBean has decided that the only two normal guys in sl are HawksRock & Burgess. **shakes her head** This is sad.

The back story to this of course wasn’t added and that’s what mayhapsibly caused the ruckus. Let me explain before I go further so mayhaps you can find humor like I did.

As you know Hawks and I have sorta abandoned Free State to work on other projects like WoW leveling, Real Life, Ludo concerts, work, cuddle-fests, and of course the new blog – The SL Revolution. The Rev currently has 9 boomtastic revolutionary bloggers of truth, justice and the SL-way. However we’re lacking some testosterone over there something fierce.

I’ve kinda made it my mission to find male bloggers. Sadly I sort of have a strict criteria… I want male avatars that do not wear make-up, fem clothes, does not have a fem alt that gets more play time than their male, doesn’t know what color to wear that brings out their eyes, knows not to mix patterns and prints, and only blogs fashion. Not at any time, ever did I say that you shouldn’t live SL the way you want to, play it the way you want to or try to dictate anyone’s SLife.

Basically I really want to find what I would define as a RL stereotypical male but in SL that can write eloquently and wear a shirt, any shirt, and possibly shoes. Hey I like a challenge.

Hawks & I were discussing a potential new male writer when it donned on me that Alex and Hawks are the only two male bloggers I know that fit my manly man criteria. Alex is too busy to join the Rev and Hawks is already there. So in making the above statement in plurk by using the word “normal” started a bit of a spark that led to flames that led to this post.

Here’s the rest of the thread that followed:

So to those that had a cow, got offended, de-friended me, or went to cry on their own thread… I never said DO NOT BE YOU! I said, you are not what I am looking for. I’d hate for someone to tell me I couldn’t have pink hair in SL because I don’t have pink hair in RL. It’s the same fucking thing. How-fucking-ever just as any employer looks for certain skills, or a modeling/acting agency looks for certain appearances, I am looking for a, and heaven forbid I use the word ‘normal’, a regular guy who possesses more gruffness and he doesn’t have to smell nice. Last time I checked SL still hasn’t become scratch-n-sniff.

That is all, thank you.

**Disclaimer and Fine Print**

None of my views represent anyone else’s views, just mine, I thought em up, I let them spew from my brain to my fingertips and I wrote them out here for you to read all by my lil bitty self. If I have pissed you off, then be pissed off at me and no one associated with me as these are my words.