Need New Dramz…

I don’t get “out” inworld much because well… I don’t log inworld much. Tonight however my HawksRock had to work late, and technically I *should* be in bed but due to crazy ass circumstances, here I am awaiting his phone call.

Earlier I decided I’d kill some time and hang in SL. Whatever shall I do? Aka is playing WoW with Peter, Rosie is at work, Hawks isn’t available and well… I pretty much hate everyone else. I kid! I kid! No srsly, I like very few of you. I say that with complete and tote love.

Anyways, everywhere I went, it was that stupid blogger dramz, you know the crazy one that shall not be named? Yuh, her. Have we hit a drama drought? That’s all we got? Really? Her and content theft? C’mon people can you please create a juicy scandal of some sort? I’m bored and apparently there is no reason to log in anymore.

Tringo has all but become extinct except in the lil corner of the SLworld that Hawks & I live on, fashion has seen better days, grid is pretty shitactular as of late, and all you can go on about is how she keeps going on about everyone else. Crazy is as crazy does people! You know how you truly make crazy attention seeking people go away? You ignore them. TADA! OMG! I’m like magic and stuff.

I’ll expect those TPS reports on my desk Monday morning with some new dramz, kay? Thank you for your cooperation & if you give me good reports, I might not make you come in on Saturday. *wink*


One Response to “Need New Dramz…”

  1. Do you play the new version of Tringo or 1.0. I really dislike 2.0 for some reason. I still have the 1.0 board on BJ’s account. I was curious if you know how/if it still worked. I do miss me some Tringo. ;-(

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