Sometimes… You Just Don’t Have Words.

You know the saying: sometimes you’re the fly & sometimes you’re the windshield? Yah well I’m feeling like the fly today, except not only did I splatter on the windshield but my ex husband came up & fucked me in the ass while I died. I can’t even begin to explain how many levels of screwed he gave me in a matter of just a few hours. The woman he has living with him (she’ll remain nameless because I don’t mean her any ill will – I was fucked in the head once too) has a blog. She leaves comments off, I’m sure with good reason because heaven forbid someone remove her rose colored glasses. I went to visit it today because after all he has put me thru today I needed a laugh. Here’s what she says about the man who committed tax fraud on mine & my two sons’ behalf and screwed us out of our tax return. (IRS will flag it & review at their convenience)

I am so greatful for Nite and I love him with all my heart and soul. He is the finest man I have ever known. He has incredible integrity and loyalty to his family and friends. I am honored to be with this man… I love you Nite! your my hero!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Wait…. wait…. hold on a sec…. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! There’s more but I think I snorted on it. THE FINEST MAN! INTEGRITY? Oh don’t even get me started on loyalty!!!! HAH! I’m sure it is a great honor to support this man! Yup!


12 Responses to “Sometimes… You Just Don’t Have Words.”

  1. I think all chicks are stupid at the begining of every relationship. I’ll even include myself in that lump because I’ve pulled this kind of shit too. You get with a dude and he woos you so you just turn a blind eye to the fact that he was just divorced (people get divorced for reasons yanno!), has kids which don’t live with him (without asking why he doesn’t have custody if he’s so damn awesome) etc etc.

    I think you did the right thing by just having a laugh about his chick being blind. Eventually he’ll show his true self (it usually takes between 6 months and a year and a half) and she’ll be all ‘OMG I DIDN’T SEE THAT COMING’ and you can be all “Ha told ya so!”

    I wish I could say that things get better – but since you have kids together he will always be part of your life 😦 My mom went through all this herself once so I was just a backseat driver to the extended, long distance emotional abuse my brothers’ father put her through. He’s still focusing on you because he relationship is still too new for him to fully be himself and treat his new chick like shit. Once she’s broken in he’ll focus less on you. I’m almost sure of it.

  2. Yeah but he *has* treated her like shit. And she went back for more so maybe she enjoys the abuse. Some people don’t think they deserve better. Thank god you got away JB. Money is just money and in the end who cares. You have your life which is worth a billion times more than a tax return.

  3. The quote was my quote! I believe not giving me credit is actually illegal

  4. ♥JellyBean♥ Says:

    You’re probably right, though I’m not so well versed in blogger laws, but I do believe *I* never claimed to write that. I thought it was best to leave your name out of it since I don’t hold you responsible but did get a laugh out of your comment. By all means, claim it, own it, flip it up, rub it down & spank it all the way home. 🙂

  5. Im a Legal Expert Says:

    Tax fraud

    there is 1.
    in order to claim a kid.
    You can prove you provided more than half of their support.(can he do that?)
    3.I know im fucking right because i worked at hrblock,did you bitch?

    and this is a freaking blog,not a professional publication,she does not have to credit ‘you’ for your (stupid) quote,not illegal on a public blog,read up before you stick your nose in things you know nothing about .

    when i read your blog olive,it made my eyes bleed a made the eyes of my small child bleed a little,i had to say,look away little i could save her from the stupidity that is you,olive.
    Some people are has-beens. You are a never-was.
    Its ok though,olive,
    Brains aren’t everything. In fact in your case they’re nothing.

  6. You can have an anonymous quote as long as it is a quote. (which it is).

    You did not take credit for the quote, saying that it was yours.

    You are protecting the person by keeping it anonymous.

    Bottom line, totally legal.

    **this information comes from my 4+ years being in professional publication, i.e. editor-in-chief. I had to know my shit, honey**

  7. “You bet your sweet ass I don’t turn on comments because”

    At least she’s correct on one thing. Your sweet, sweet ass. 😉

  8. ♥JellyBean♥ Says:

    Oi! I didn’t realize Olive linked her blog. She speaks of ‘freedom of speech’ but won’t allow comments that may not agree with her opinion. That’s fine, it’s not always dramatic to be one of another opinion. I’ll submit my reply here:

    First off, I was nothing but nice to Olive in SL, (she had never been anything but nice to me as well since the first time we met in Zouk City) even after my ex husband (who was married to me at the time they were on & off together in SL over a span of 3 years) had screwed her over. He’d borrow money from her & I was the one making sure she was paid back. I’m the one who constantly told him that he couldn’t continue to treat her like shit or even expect her to remove her ex-partner’s name (who passed in RL) from her profile or he would no longer have her. I guess I showed my true flaws there, I’m sure. I actually gave a shit. She was always sweet to me and there willing to help if he asked, sometimes he’d ask on my behalf though I never asked him to.

    As for me quoting her here being illegal, well it isn’t. Had I claimed her words to be my own, not quoted it or shared a ‘private convo’, well all that would be questionable. However her blog post was public as is mine.

    She is right on her blog – Hawks & I have both told her that she needed psychological therapy for being with Nite. At one point after screwing her over by creating an alt & being with one of her friends in world, she had agreed with us that he was pretty fucked up. Of course that was forgiven.

    On the tax fraud issue… yes, the IRS *will* be involved. The only reason why they aren’t yet is because even though both files were flagged for discrepancies, the IRS doesn’t actually have the files in their hands yet because Nite’s amendment as well as mine both had to be mailed via snail mail. He couldn’t eFile the amendment & I couldn’t eFile at all due to IRS flagging my return. So basically alarms won’t start going off until they actually review the papers in front of them, whenever that will be. Also since I don’t owe the IRS, but they do owe me, I’m sure this won’t be a priority. I just hope they receive his amendment before they receive my paperwork, that may keep him from getting a warrant put out on him and me from getting a bigger headache over this.

    I don’t really have awful things to say about Olive. Honestly, like I said she was always nice & willing to give us a helping hand all the years I’ve known her. There was only one time that we really had a disagreement over land we rented from her, but even that seems so minor now.

    Ignorant bliss is great, and I hope she finds what she’s looking for.

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