Zdra-stvu-eetee and das vadanya…


Jinkies! I rarely come here anymore. In fact, I rarely blog anymore – at all. So let me give you a little update on stuffs. First of all the newest news is that I joined a gym yesterday… Go me! Day two & I’ve used my membership twice… so far, so good. I really need a motivator because if you can’t be honest with yourself, who can you be honest with… I’m really freaking lazy! Period! So I made my 12 year old son join with me. Hah!

We also quietly launched our new RL website/blog – Our Lawrence. Basically Hawks had the idea that we should document why Lawrence is so cool, well ok. I’m on that! *wink*

Okay as for my virtual slife… Hawks is not feeling the SL groove at the moment and I kinda am. We’re at like opposite ends of the spectrum – I want to make machinima, DJ, dance & shop and well… he wants to play WoW! *sigh* Don’t get me wrong, I loves me some WoW but gosh I’m so tired of working on quest after quest to slowly hit lvl 80. We’re currently lvl 78 DKs somewhere in an area that looks just like that area we were in a month ago but isn’t the same area where we are killing shit that sorta resembles those other things but are totally named different things. Ya know how it is.

Now on to my other other other virtualness… Plurk! Ya it’s still there. In fact it’s right here. Hawks isn’t feeling that either much. But yah he’s still there too, in fact he’s right here. We also have Brutes, yup Brutes. You know how I hate being a sheep, ya I know don’t baaaaaaaaaaa-ther. I only think you’re a sheep if you’re like the 8th+ person to join something. Hahahaha! Well as any good plurky flock, we all got Brutes, then we all got Brute alts cause you know we really honestly just want world domination & clones of our true selves. Yup! Omg! Stop looking at me like that, you were thinking it too, I just had the guts to say it outloud! Pfft!

Well that’s it for now. The best place to actually keep up with me would be plurk, so just watch my timeline or something cause I update often.

Das vadanya *waves*


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