Making friends?

whitney Alex: how old are you in real life
JellyBean Madison: is this real life? I didn’t get the memo
whitney Alex: no i mean not here
JellyBean Madison: I know, I was being a smart ass. I don’t divulge real life info to people I don’t know
whitney Alex: oh dont think i waw going rob or rape you
JellyBean Madison: HaHa! no shit
JellyBean Madison: I play sl so I can be anonymous
whitney Alex: what ever bitch
JellyBean Madison: ć‹” ty

So when did it become acceptable to say “hello” and immediately jump into “a/s/l”? Only like never was that acceptable. SL is not AIM and it baffles me that people still treat it that way. Poor whitney & I coulda been great friends. I could helped her adjust her prim hair and taught her how to wear a flexi prim skirt. Le sigh

JellyBean Madison: where did you go? I need a pic of you for my blog post
Second Life: User not online – message will be stored and delivered later.


3 Responses to “Making friends?”

  1. haha!
    I had this guy IMming all night just because I went to a store where he was. I went there, got what I wanted and TPed back home. The guy asked me over and over what was I doing, where did I went, etc etc etc… And if I didn’t responded he would bug me again in IMs!!

  2. OMG the nerve lol. To quote Bugs: “What a Maroon!!” šŸ˜‰

  3. LOL!

    I got a/s/l’d the other day… then promptly asked if I wanted to fuck, so I was like no thanks, I don’t pixel poke and he was all… “I meant on the phone”.. UH… my bf would like that. “lame, you suck”.. ALRIGHTY THEN!

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