At least I have a positive attitude about my destructive habits…

Excuse me while I get on *my* selfish, self-centered, superior, holier than thou soapbox of why I don’t give a shit…

*adjusts her prims & flips her flexi-hair*

I’m not a sheep, I don’t care to be loved by the residents of SecondLife, be popular or even be invited to the in-crowd’s lunch table. I take full blame or credit (depending on the day) for everything that I do & things that I may say. Like the title says, I’m pretty okay with all that.

Yes, I play SL, oh did I say that? “Play SL”? Of course I do. I don’t live there anymore like I use to and I found that reality on the outside is a pretty damn good place. Okay so you can’t change the sky with windlight… but living in Kansas, you don’t have to. It’s on a 5 minute timer and changes on it’s own. Not to mention that it’s quickly approaching summer and my friend Kelso says Vitamin D from real sun rays is good for you.

With all that said, I find most things in SL completely laughable. I know some residents are die-hards like I use to be and easily get butt hurt over the stupidest virtual things. So I do still have a soft spot because trust me, I do remember. I also know that not everyone has my sense of humor. Sometimes it seems a little sick & twisted but honestly I’m not truly a vengeful person.

So this blog post is to those out there that don’t “get me”… it’s okay you don’t have to but if you could pull your heads a little further out of your virtual asses & read into things how they actually are (in a humorous way) you’re lives would be a little less dramz and a lil more *squee*.

*bows, steps of soapbox, trips, gets up & tries to walk away gracefully*


3 Responses to “At least I have a positive attitude about my destructive habits…”

  1. Alysha Rennahan Says:

    *takes pics of you falling down and posts it on the bathroom walls* :op

  2. Very well said JB. Love the post. Now if everyone would agree to disagree sl and rl would be a much happier place.. Go enjoy some sunshine 🙂 *hugs you and runs off*

  3. There’s a song by the Dixie Chicks called “Heartbreak Town”, and I think it sums up my feelings and experiences with SL pretty well. There are people who will watch you rise, just waiting for you to fall. It’s easy to get caught up in the competition of it all and not live/play for yourself, and I think I’ve finally broken free of all that spiral of negativity and gotten to a point where I’m doing things for myself. Not cuz I wanna be liked or popular, not for the sake of one upmanship and constant drama. Why choose to live in such a dark state of mind and be miserable and on edge, constantly afraid of falling/failing and trying to bring everyone down with you?

    RL *is* good, and it’s great to take all things good and bad in moderation and with your priorities in order. You rawk!

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