Going to the chapel And we’re gonna get married…

We sorta gave up on telling our story I think. Haha! Well I have news… BIG NEWS! It’s huge!!!

Let me start with this:

That right there folks is my RL honest to goodness engagement ring! The RL Hawks proposed to me last Wednesday June 24th 2009. And of course I said “YES!” followed by a tackle hug!

How’d it go down? Well let’s just say I was completely surprised!

He sent me a text message that arvo saying “I’m pooped, I think I’m going to take a nap.” “Okay fine!” I thought (I hate when he takes naps cause I get really jealous that he can). So all the way home I’m telling Kelso… “I’m not going to call him, nope. Let him sleep & I’m going to take some necessary me time. Screw him & his naps, right?”

I drop her off at her car & head home. Pulling into my parking spot, I look for his car. He’s not here, must still be sleeping. Pfft! So I check my mail, and unlock my front door.


I opened the door to an apartment filled with flowers, rose petals & tea lights everywhere. Probably enough tea lights to make not only my apartment manager nervous, but also the Lawrence fire department. Following the trail to my bedroom, I find my man muffin laying on my bed that is also covered in petals. “Special occassion? Did I miss something?” Nope… apparently a guy can feel that a “little wooage is nice once in awhile”. So of course I’m completely woo’d and still a little skeptical.

(Fast Forward past steamy sex scenes 1, 2, 3 & 4)

So we’re laying there and I ask, “Okay so did you not nap or what?” To which he replied with, “How would I of napped when I was picking up this?” *handing me a box with a ribbon*


I open the box & OH MY FREAKING… OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUSNESS!!! Inside lay the most perfect 14k white gold ring with the most perfect pink sapphire accented on both sides with two small diamonds. *jaw drop*

“Will you marry me?” He asks…

“OH HELLS YES!” “YES YES YES YES” *tackle hug* *thump*

And there ya have it. *beams*


16 Responses to “Going to the chapel And we’re gonna get married…”

  1. hawksrock Says:

    OMG awesometastical post… except you left out two important things.

    Scene 5 and 6.

    (Okay kidding, I kid…. well sort of.)

    Actually, I just wanted to clarify, that I did follow the drop to the knee protocol for the delivery of the Will ya? Won’t ya? And secondly, we finished the entire thing off with an Alliance Mountain Dew toast to our future in a couple of gorgeous wine glasses. Somehow Dew just seemed more fitting to our re-ship than wine, iunno.

    Anyways, I am a very lucky man… and I am super excited about every day we have together, and the potential for the future.

  2. I love you guys. I am so, so happy for you both! This news totally made my month and I’m so happy to finally have the particulars of how it went down. Well, most of the particulars anyway!

    Best of luck to you both and don’t for4get you’re going to have to live blog or webcast this party because there are many of us out here who want to be there!


  3. ♥JellyBean♥ Says:

    Ummm what? We sorta expect you, Alex & the twins to actually BE there. Btw, we love you too. ❤

  4. Awww, I love the details. Good work, Hawks! and congrats you both!!

  5. Okay, Kansas here we come! Unless you want to get married in Jersey? I know a guy who knows a guy…

  6. ♥JellyBean♥ Says:

    haha Well it looks like we’re scoping out Eureka Springs, AR. This place: http://www.thorncrown.com/

  7. Okay now I’m jealous. All I got was .. well I just got out of the shower and was getting dressed when I noticed my jeans were heavy. There was a box in the pocket. So I tossed it at Bebop and said ‘You fucker. I swear if there’s a coupon to Chuck E Cheeze or a moodring I’ll kill you. Okay – wait. If there’s a mood ring I’ll think its cool but I’ll still be like what the fuck?”

    No drop to the knee. He just sat on the bed blushing and looking like a wounded duck in a thunderstorm while I finished getting dressed. As I was putting on makeup and he was still sitting there it hit me and I said “Oooooh maaaaan I totally fucked that up, didn’t I?”

    So glad he surprised you with the question – and also glad to hear it wasn’t suck-ass like my proposal was (but hey my proposal was fuckin’ funny which pretty much suits Bebop and I) and that you did everything in your own time. That’s important!

    Eureka Springs is gorgeous BTW – even in winter 🙂

  8. Kitty Lalonde Says:

    OMG! That is such awesome news! Love the ring, love you two. But yeah, more details on scenes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6.. kthnxbai

  9. Kickass. That’s gotta be like the Free State of Mind® “Post of the Year”.

    Wait a second, haven’t I already seen a wedding between you two take place? Well, I’m sure this RL one is gonna totally rawk, as well!

    {{…~~==++>> C o n g r a t u l a t i o n s !!! <<++==~~…}}

  10. I love that Chapel – how beautiful! Okay, we’re SO there. Though I think Doot and Bing might still be too little to be ring bearers! I guess you’ll probably have other applicants for the position. It’s okay, they’ll still bring the cute.

  11. And I’ll do the honors of live blogging the wedding, too.

  12. hawksrock Says:

    Hah… Myg if you are even 1/2 ways serious… then I need to know… cuz Alex is gonna be asked to join the wedding party…stat!! But I don’t want to create burdens on anybody… but how cool that would be!! 😀

    Also, Wrath if Myg/Alex are coming, then you also are on the hook!!! lol

  13. I know I know uber late responce. But I asure you tis’ better late then never agreed? lol

    Wow…. I completely got the chills when reading that and omg for good reason too!! I am so completely happy for you two!! How Romantic! Wtg Hawks Wtg!! Rose petals and tea lights… where the hell didja get this guy anyway? *wink* And the ring!!! holy hell the ring!!!! Picture a tad bit blurry and would like to request a clearer one but i mean wow.. how perfect!!

    I miss you two and wish you both the best!! Love You!

    Love, Kala

  14. ♥JellyBean♥ Says:

    OMG Kala!!!!! Don’t you know how much you are missed, you lil ray of bubbly sunshine you!?! Hawks even included you in his Missing Persons post!!! *tackle hugs your face*

  15. *GASP* Well who the hell woulda thought *I* Kala would become a missing person right? Well … I suppose the reasoning behind some disappearances go even deeper then words could possibly explain. And after reading that “Missing Persons” post … i realize even after a year it still hurts, to think or merely remember sl. But with that said … you can always *always!* know that I’m never completely missing ( unlike some people ), but that i did have to quit sl for my own good. In my particular situation it would have been simply unhealthy for me to stay. You can both feel at ease knowing I’m alive and doing well and that ….. OMG!!! YOU TWO ARE GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!! … whoa that was random lol! Well my sweet sweet wonderfulz from the world of sl, if i ever do decide to revisit the world of sl You two will be amongst the first to know 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤ *face has been tackle hugged* ….. * Double Tackle Hugz ur Facez!! *

  16. Straight to the idea and well written, ty for that info.

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