Rules of Engagement

Call me the crazy bride that still has oh, iunno, 815 days – 3 hours – 20 min & 3 seconds til her wedding but really, who is counting? I’m really only counting on weekdays, I swear. Oh yes, and I promise I won’t be making this the wedding blog. I’m just a little more secure with the realm of peeps that read this one over the I Came, I Vent blog. So I have a couple questions since let’s just say I’ve never had a “traditional” wedding…

  1. How does the bridal registry work?
  2. Is he suppose to help me choose where we register?
  3. What do we add to the registry? Just stuff we need?
  4. When, where & how do we let people know we’ve registered?
  5. Do we invite our online friends *gasp* and hope for the best?
  6. Do we find out a way to live stream it? Do people even care that much?
  7. Don’t you hate it when people force feed their weddings down your throat?
  8. Anyone wanna fly to Kansas & go with me to try on dresses? *snort*
  9. What’s up with the something blue? Really?
  10. Is it wrong to want to wear pink converse like I did at our SL wedding?


6 Responses to “Rules of Engagement”

  1. 1. you go and they usually give you a scanner *but you can do it online now and just set everything up that way* and you start scanning things that you want and then they put it in there machine so anyone who knows you can get a list and get you stuff you want.

    2. well yes if he actually wants to.

    3. mostly thinks you need/want/don’t have. it’s supose to help you start your new house together and all that happy crap.

    4. umm anyway you want to. send an email. add it to your save the date thingy. Stuff like that Oh yeah and mayhaps a little blurb in your invitations. Everyone that I’ve talked to likes the to know becuase it saves alot of work for the guests to figure out what you need and what others have gotten you so they don’t waiste there time and money.

    5. If you want.. *shrugs*

    6. I’m going to be there so don’t ask me.

    7. Omg I had no idea you were force feeding me.. am I having fun?

    8. ME! Betch.. Dont’ you dare think I won’t! Just make it a weekend and after August 7th.


    10. Hell no! Espically if you go with my idea for the reception.. *hint, poke, wink*

  2. Gillian Says:

    1. Depends on the store but usually a scanner and you walk around shooting things you want πŸ˜€

    2. Choose the stores you think would be most useful and then ask him his opinion. In other words, no, you can’t register for a chainsaw.

    3. Get stuff you need and stuff that you want but wouldn’t practically buy for yourself.

    4. Honestly, your bridesmaids (or whomever is hosting your shower) should include that information OR you can have a wedding website where people can easily see where you’re registered. People will buy gifts off the registry for your shower and your wedding. Typically a couple months out people will need the info – but get it done early in case people want to send you gifts early too πŸ™‚

    5. DUH.

    6. I would totally watch your wedding lol.

    7. Yes, especially when you’re not 20 anymore.

    8. Gluck finding something with pink in it πŸ™‚

    9. I have no idea where that originated. Like at all. Soz.

    10. I would think something was very wrong if you didn’t wear pink on your feet at least!

  3. You’ve probably seen this – but if not you should take a look. It made me think of you two – I hope you’re day starts and ends as happily and that your lives together are full of music. πŸ™‚

  4. β™₯JellyBeanβ™₯ Says:

    Hahahaha Honour –

    Saw that yesterday and was so moved that I talked Hawks into actually agreeing to do something similar!


  5. Yay! Wrath can make the video πŸ™‚

  6. heya~!

    not sure if this will be any help at all for you but this is my friend’s website that has advice for wedding planning etc etc.

    and that wedding video is funny, my partner showed it to me last night and i asked him if he wanted to walk down the aisle that way, lol.

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