You know you’re addicted when you keep hitting refresh hoping to finally get through instead of seeing that same error message. Edge of your seat anxiety. Mashable reported Twitter being down since early this morning. I’ve read about it being overloaded, a vicious attack, a bug, etc. I don’t know factual specifics, nor do I really, honestly and truly care to.

Just stabilize already baby, I’m pulling for you.

Apparently due to Twitter’s inaccessibility, Facebook was starting to struggle from the massive flood of people trying to get their social media fix. Woah! We *are* a bunch of junkies, aren’t we? Thank goodness for good ole’ plurk – not always faithful, not always reliable, and always toting around a karma mistress who happens to be a huge bitch, but Hey! it’s there today.

I know this post is just blah blah blah – sorry!

It looks like Twitter is back up, but not fully feeling 100% better. Also apparently the outage was caused by Denial of Service Attack (DDoS). I don’t even know what that is. But welcome back Twitter – feel better soon!



4 Responses to “Social Media Meltdown = OMGWTFBBQ INTERNET APOCALYPSE”

  1. I totally missed it. My denial remains intact.

  2. ♥JellyBean♥ Says:

    Haha! Stay in that happy place while the world falls around you in a heap of emo angst from lack of social media outlets to share our latest bowel movements on.


  3. now that I have a twitter acount that is active again thanks to someone who shall not be named hanging celebrity names over my head for the stalking *coughsjellycoughs* I should actually use it.

  4. ♥JellyBean♥ Says:

    Hah! Don’t you feel so close to celebs there? Like you can see lil specks of glitter on your arm from rubbing elbows? 😀

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