On a serious note…

I mentioned on plurk a couple weeks ago that my Mom is having health issues. They found a growth on each of her ovaries and also found she had gall stones. Now the gall stones could potentially be serious but not nearly as serious as the growths if left untreated. One of my sisters flew out there last week to be there with my Mom for tests & the surgery consultation. My oldest sister was on stand-by to fly out for the actual surgery. They originally thought the growths were approximately the size of a golf ball or even as big as a cantaloupe.

After today’s consultation & looking over the tests, scans & results, they have determined that one of the growths is more likely the size of a ripe watermelon. They’ve scheduled her surgery for tomorrow. I can’t be there for the surgery but I’m glad to know my sisters will be.

My birthday is on September 20th and Hawks has decided that the best gift he can give me is a 13 hour trip to my Mom’s. Is there any questions on why I love this man? I will be there Labor Day weekend to help as much as I can while she is recovering along side my older sister & possibly my brother.

I wrote this post because I felt I needed to talk about it. My Mom & I are very close & have only gotten closer over the past 2 years. I’m not ready to lose her so please keep her in your prayers tonight that her surgery is easy peasy & she recovers quickly & without complications. Thanks



4 Responses to “On a serious note…”

  1. Oh Jellybean, I am so sorry. My thoughts are with you. Big love to you and everyone in your family.

  2. Hon, she’s in my prayers. Stay strong and keep praying.

  3. Hugs Jellybean. I will be thinking of her and sending out positive thoughts to your whole family along with my prayers.

  4. oh sweetness if only things like this could never happen 😦 I am hoping everything went well and that your mother is well and recovering. Having you all there with her is undoubtedly the most comforting thing she could possibly have in a time like this and am glad you were able to get there. I love you *my* Bean and will keep you and your family in my prayers.

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