My Plurk! My Rules! Mine! Mine! Mine!

People crack me up… seriously. Over the past year people have come & gone from my Plurk timeline. Sometimes they remove me, block me, delete their accounts or I remove them. I never ask people why I was removed, in fact I rarely know who I freaking lost on my timeline. Even though I will admit plurk is a huge part of my day, I don’t keep stats on people to figure out who removes me. Even if I did know, why would I ask? I got removed, no big.

Now back to plurk being a big part of my day… I use plurk differently than I use Twitter. Twitter is where I keep probably close to 200+ people that I follow that are “local” folk that I may occasionally hang with in real-life.

Plurk on the other hand is what I use for entertainment purposes. The majority on my timeline are SecondLife folk though I do have a few real life ones mixed in as well. I try to keep my plurk balanced & upbeat.

I balance it by keeping no more than 200 friends at any given time. I know me & beyond 200, I’m really not paying attention to everyone.

I keep it upbeat by removing those that constantly whine, bitch, moan, have consecutive bad days that they feel we should all hear about, have constant bad luck, depressing, boring and bleh!

So why is it that since plurk is such a huge part of my day that I should feel any guilt for removing people? That’s the funny thing, I don’t feel any guilt. Could you imagine if my friends & family did nothing but hang around me all day as Debbie Downers or if they bored me to tears? Chances are I would avoid them or become just as miserable. Well, on plurk I can remove them.

That is *my* prerogative so the next time you feel like attempting to guilt someone over an unexplained removal, save your breath. You wouldn’t like it if everyone you removed attempted to guilt you. Just move on.


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