Twitter Toilet of Plurky Poo!

Dear Plurkers,

Please stop using Twitter as your toilet to which you are depositing your plurky poop!

Thank you,


I know, I’ve been there.  I use to have my plurks heading over to Twitter too. That was before I realized how stupid that is. The point of social media is to actually be social. If you’re sending your plurks over to Twitter, but not checking Twitter, how the heck is that social? It’s not. You might as well be a bot or having a one-sided convo with yourself.

If it’s too much and you just cannot keep up with all your social media, then mayhaps don’t try to connect them all. I for one hate reading plurks on Twitter (since as you know I no longer use Plurk) and knowing that if I choose to respond to you on Twitter with a mention (@) that you’re never going to see it. So please just stop the madness!

I feel like a bitch for unfollowing people for this, so I guess I’ll just be the bitch… If I’m wrong, then tell me but answer one question for me: Why are you using Twitter in the first place if Plurk is where you are “socializing”?


3 Responses to “Twitter Toilet of Plurky Poo!”

  1. I post to twitter to save myself from typing a post twice but I actually do read and respond on twitter. I have different people on both lists and posting to one from the other is a convenience.

  2. ♥JellyBean♥ Says:

    That is understandable Chestnut. At least you check in.

    Like I told Valiant:
    I won’t use I feel it takes the “social” out of social media to syndicate yourself all over. I get it if you are advertising, sharing info/knowledge… but for me, mine is more personal.

    IMHO social media isn’t fun if it’s automated, you have to have some interaction. I think that’s why so many are drawn to Plurk rather than actually digging into Twitter. If you’re only looking at your contributions on one social media outlet connected to all of them and not checking the others, then you’re missing out on the more personal aspect of what social media is.

  3. I use plurk to send tweets but it doesn’t mean that I don’t check my twitter. I just like the fact that I get to update both in one go.

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