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Coolest Thing Ever!

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I’m the first person to scoff at certain roleplay…

Vampires? Really? You are asking me for permission to bite me? In my sick & sometimes twisted Vampire fantasies, the vamps never ask, they just take me all romantically hard & stuff. There’s other RP that I could mention here & also spew my opinions about but then I’d just digress from telling you about the Coolest Thing Ever Ever Ever ever ever ever.

All over plurk I’ve been seeing “doll skins”. At first I was like “o-kay” and then I move on.  I’m not a big fan of lined doll skins. In my opinion dolls don’t have lines because they want to, dolls have lines because of function, they have to! (Yes, I know I am talking about dolls like they’re real, shup!) So if I’m going to be a doll in SL, I’m not going to have lines or buy a skin. Instead I’m going to find a cute updo hair style, wear my regular skin, throw on a tutu & get myself a wind up key… And so I did.

And I’m freaking adorable!

The thing about this key is that it was made to work with a sub collar for doll play. So you can’t just buy the Doll Key and expect it to work. You have to either buy a compatible collar or the “container”. Since it’s a proven fact that I do not make a good sub, slave or pet from past experiences, I went with the “container” (it’s located on the left hand side wall next to the Doll Keys). The instructions are a bit intense, and set up is a bit tricky. The good news is that Briggit & Peggy are awesome with customer service. Briggit helped me get my key up & spinning in no time and she explained to me exactly what I needed to do in terms I could understand.

So I haven’t even told you what I find to be the coolest bit about the key. First of all, you cannot wind yourself. Nope, you are at the mercy of others around you, or screwed if you’re alone. That’s my favorite part. When you aren’t wound, you’re slumped, cannot speak in general chat, key is not spinning, and you cannot tp. Your best bet is to IM someone & ask for a wind up. This is great for anyone looking to make new friends, don’t you think? What better ice breaker do you need other than “Hi I know you don’t know me but could you possibly touch the key on my back and wind me up?” Each wind up is good for 30 minutes so it could also help curb your need to shop for long periods of time.

As with most collars (which is the premise for the “container”, you get to choose a Master that can control you if you choose via blue drop down menu or command words. If you attempt to remove the key, your Master will be notified just like with any standard collar.

A lil from the notecard:

dollsit  (forces the doll to sit)

dolloff  (Shuts the doll down manually)

dollwave  (make the doll wave)

dollfollow (makes the doll follow you.)

There’s much more but since I’m blogging from work & Hawks isn’t my errand boy, you’ll just have to go check it out for yourself. Below are the SLURLS to the things I used to put this look together & make it functionable…

Doll Key & Container: Brigitt and Peggy’s store
A little shop with Amethyst collar plugins, Clockwork Doll keys, Jewelry, Dungeon Torches, piecing gag, collars, Land Rentals on the waterfront.

AO: ANAMATIONS – Music Dancer AO

TUTU: Sn@tch – Murder Ballet

Shoes: Shiny Things – Ballet flat – black

Hair: Truth – Rose – bubblegum

A big thank you and shout out to the one & only Inclinations Moody who had this look first and was nice enough to let me copy her.

Thank you also to HawksRock for grabbing the SLURLS for me and being my new more leniant Master.


Pirates of the Burning Sea … Pre-Play

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Note: Not an actual picture from Pirates of the Burning Sea

Note: Not an actual picture from "Pirates of the Burning Sea"

Pirates of the Burning Sea™ is an MMORPG featuring high-seas action and adventure in a bold world of pirates and plunder. Set against the backdrop of the New World of the 18th century, players can choose one of three nations — England, France or Spain — or choose the role of a Pirate and battle it out for glory and power.

So I haven’t actually played this yet, but you get my review anyways of the pre-play. So I went to the official site last night after Hawks talked about playing it all day yesterday, thanks to Dancien’s Atomic Valley post.

There’s a 14 Day Free Trial. Huzzah! You’ll need to submit your email address to receive a trial code to participate in the free trial. Mine took forever to arrive, but I’m guessing that may have a bit to do with the fact that the site was acting wonky to begin with.

So once I received my trial code, I could not get it to download on my lappy. I must confess I never did try to download it on my desktop as that seemed like tmlw at the time. Thanks to Luth that told me of another way to download it:

Luth says

ok yeah. I’m DL directly from sony the newest version. use this:
So I let it do it’s thing all night. I woke up this morning with “connection error – disconnected” (annoyed face) I started it up again and we’ll see what happens. All in all it’s already been a pain in my ass, so let’s hope it’s worth it. It sure does look cool:

I should include that we decided to play as pirates on the Blackbeard server. So once I *do* get in… Who is with me trying it out???

How Do You Know If She Loves You?

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If shes willing to go meet your parents for the first time knowing that she is trapped there no matter what because they live 324654545457 miles away and you drove… she loves you.

If she calls you at work during the day to ask, “What’s gnu?” in her cute way… she loves you.

If she finds your snoring “comforting”… she loves you.

If she puts up with an entire plethora of  bad Christmas tuneage the DAY before Thanksgiving on a long-distance road trip… she loves you.

If her parents love you… she loves you, probably.

If her parents hate you… she might love you, too.

If she loves you, if she really loves you, you’ll know it. If you can wake up to her staring at you and it’s not even mildly creepy, if you catch her smelling the shoulder of the jacket you lent her for the winter and not for B.O., if she makes you pancakes even though you hate them, if she calls you on her carpool home giggling madly, if she laughs at your jokes when they’re funny and makes fun of you when they’re not, if she shares her mother’s homemade fudge that only comes at Christmas time every year, if she tells you how she wishes she had higher self-esteem and it makes her sad: She loves you, of course she loves you.

And with a love like that, you know you should be glad.


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Remy didn’t really want to pose for this pic as he was busy bitchin about Murloc infestations, Defias gangstas pimping the wagons & messing up the town with their loud music and graffiti. In fact as I took this pic he was yelling at kids to get off his “farkin” lawn! Crazy ole man.

Anyroo, I was cracking myself up… seriously, so let me share with you my story. Hawks & I have been playing our dranei (or however you spell it, I call them hoofies) and we got them up to level 42! Can I get a woo? Well tonight we decided to start back on our original human chars so I could get a mount. I was like 9.5 bars from lvl 30. So that’s where we’ve been.

After we got me to level 30, we realized that I had to go to Stormwind to train & we “thought” that’s where I needed to get my mount. Wrong! But we didn’t know that at the time. It was a hella long jaunt from Auberdine to Stormwind. I fingered I’d take the boat to Menethil Harbor & fly from there to Stormwind. Ya’ll trackin? Prob not for those non-WoW geeks. :p

Excerpts from said journey:

Hawksbabe: SHIT!

Hawksrock: what?

Hawksbabe: I was running to catch the boat because it was there & I didn’t wanna miss it. I fell in 😦

Hawksrock: lmao

Hawksbabe: it’s a good thing I like me, or I’d be pissed!


Hawksbabe: I need a mount just to get me to where I get my mount. Irony.


Hawksbabe: the logging camp is where I go.

Hawksrock: that sucks more, it’s quite a jaunt.

Hawksbabe: you can track Hawksbabe’s mount progress at


Hawksbabe: Woo! I just ran thru Goldshire.

Hawksbabe: the memories *wipes tear*

Hawksrock: lmao

Hawksbabe: Oh gosh! remmy the 1st time Kruser wore pants?

Hawksrock: haha! You’re right that was in Goldshire.

Hawksbabe: *sighs a sigh of happiness* Those were the days


Hawksbabe: I can get a pinto.

Hawksbabe: the poor ppl horse, not a great crash rating, kind of a beater, bad mileage, but hey! it’s a mount.

Hawksrock: so are you mounted or what?

Hawksbabe: LOL hold on I’m on a roll. She talked me into the Chestnut Mare, it’s a step above the pinto for the same cost.

Hawksrock: lol does this mean you can hearthstone home & I can go to bed?

Hawksbabe: lol ok fine. The night I’m at my best comedy and you just wanna leave. rofl

Hawksrock: go blog about it!

Hawksbabe: nah it’s only funny if you blog about it. I can’t blog about it.

blah blah blah! I blogged it 🙂 But really, you had to be there. The end.

Bleep Bloop!

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For the record I love Caboose! And I don’t mean ass! :p Please watch the video below so when I say “Bleep Bloop” ya’ll know wtf I’m on about. Thanks.

Comment Game! Part número tres

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Okay ya’ll had to think too much last time. So this time it’s just one simple answer.

Who is your favorite villain?

My favorite is Livewire. She is a supervillain in the DC Universe. She first appeared in Superman: The Animated Series, voiced by Lori Petty (TANK GIRL! HAH!). I love the way that she’s seductive and dangerous.


Controversial radio show host Leslie Willis (recurring guest star voice LORI PETTY) is turned into a being of pure electricity and begins her media-crazed rampage to drain Metropolis’ power and kill Superman. [Episode]

So like go her for being uber badass! 😀

Comment Game! Part número dos

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I loved doing this last week & wowzers! I learned a bunch about ya’ll and about other stuff that I had no clue about. Now I finger that it was super easy for ya’ll because you didn’t really have to think. I know thinking sucks, huh? But this week it’s going to be a little different. Misty writes a very long (as usual) blog post today called “romance, partnering and wtf!! (freak..Bridget..FREAK!!!)” I love reading her posts though I have to admit sometimes they’re just uberly long. Hah! Well today’s was worth the extra time to read every word because no matter who you are in SL, what you do, or who you know… you’ve known the sitches she talks about and/or have been in them.

One particular sentence caught my attention and that is how it was born in this week’s “Comment Game! Part número dos”…

This week we want to know the answer to just one question:

What have you learned more about in game… yourself or others?

My answer is this… my first year or two in world I learned about ME. In RL I’m a somewhat shy person and in SL there were no walls, I wasn’t standing naked in front of an audience and I felt free to be me. In fact, every day I see a little more JellyBean Madison seeping into my RL. Really you should be a fly in the carpool lane. Well, no, you should be a fly in the car… Being in the carpool lane without a vehicle would just be stupid and really dangerous! 😮 Safety people! Safety!

In the following years, I learned more about others. Those that I clicked with, I licked & kept them close (Hawks, Rosie, Hip, KO, Gillian, Wilma, Aly, Myg, Alex, Wrath and more). They kept and continue to keep me logging in. I love hearing about their lives in world & out, just like I love hearing your answers. So yup. That’s my response.

Please answer in the comments & the first person gets a star licked & slapped on their forehead for all the world to see. :p