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The Origin of “jOMG”

Posted in FYI with tags , , on July 14, 2008 by ♥JellyBean♥

I’m sure most of you have noticed my use of “jOMG” and originally it started off as a replacement for the Z in zOMG. Only because I’m Jelly, duh! It also has to do with my hatred of the letter Z. Yup! Like it? Not so much.

I’m sure you were hoping for something profound, right? A long story, mayhaps? Newp. I don’t have one. However after using jOMG for months – I have found that it does have a meaning way beyond me. You might want to sit down for this… ya ready?

It stands for Jizz On My Glasses! Crazy, huh? I know! Right!?! Which makes me want to use it even more. Don’t ask me why but I’m completely compelled to just scream

“jOMG! Did you see that dead marmot on the side of the I-435? Oh it was def a marmot and not a beaver… Well, did you look at the tail? Of course you didn’t! jOMG it was sooooooooo a marmot, NOT a beaver!”


“jOMG! Can you believe she wore that putrid green dress?”

It just seems like 100% better with new meaning. I love love love love it! It’s just so, so, so, so, soooo RAW & perfectly me. Oh I bet you want to know how I know about the new found meaning… Well looket here at jOMG.

Happy new terminology day!