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Adventures in Parent-Sitting

Posted in Holidays, Real Life with tags , , on April 5, 2010 by ♥JellyBean♥

My parents are awesome. Please don’t get me wrong, I love them to pieces, however, I do love them mostest when they’re not in Kansas. They live in Alabama & make a road trip usually about once a year. My Pops (step-dad) is in his 80s and my Mom (and cancer survivor) is in her very late 60s. This makes them old people, and old people are awesome… mostly!

The thing about my parents is that they usually go to bed at 6:30 p.m. (yea the sun is still up) and wake up at 4 a.m. I don’t know why, they just do. You’d think they were farmers or something, but they’re not. Just two retired, active (sorta) senior citizens. They are very set in their ways, very vocal & very opinionated.

They arrived Saturday morning and as usual I was up early busting ass on my house before they arrived. This is normal protocol because if one thing is dirty, if there is one crumb, one rug left unbeaten, one corner not swept, mopped & disinfected… Oh I will hear about it. Then after I hear about it, my siblings will most likely then hear about it as well. Needless to say having my parents here is exhausting, even before they arrive. Not to mention that, I have a new obnoxious puppy named Astrid that my parents were meeting for the first time. Thankfully we had great weather & I didn’t have to follow Astrid around cleaning up puppy paw prints each time she came in from outside. That would have majorly sucked!

[Warning Content of a somewhat graphic nature ahead]

So anyways they arrive, I’m comfortable with the condition of my house & just know there isn’t one thing they could possibly find an issue with, right? Wrong! The first thing my Pops does is go to the bathroom, because as he says it… He “really has to go because his bowels are a turnin”.  No problem, my bathroom is clean & I point him in the direction of my nearest bathroom since this is also their first time at my new place. About twenty minutes later my Pops walks out and informs me that the water level on my toilet is too high. Ummm what? At this point I’m thinking he may have flooded my bathroom. No worries, I have a plunger and I know how to use it. This isn’t the case. He goes on to explain that while he was sitting to do his business, his ummm “junk” was touching the water. Um thanks Pops for that. So two things, he’s either uhh well equipped, way to go Mom? OR when you get old, every freaking thing sags! Yea, that’s it… every freaking thing sags. Ewww! Thanks for the graphic I just did not need. Good thing I have two bathrooms. Here Pops try the other. No go… water is too high in there too. So of course this means that I need thicker toilet seats or I need to get my manager out here asap on Monday to “fix this immediately”. No one else has had this issue Pops but I’ll get right on that, not!

That was only the beginning & best story I have for you guys. In all honesty my parents are fun to have around. In fact my Pops is just like “shitmydadsays” but with less cursing. He will not even hesitate to belch at the dinner table and follow it with “not bad manners, just good grub or whatever”.

I haven’t really mentioned my Mom yet but I will mention her homemade Fantasy Fudge that is/was delicious. She made this fudge only an hour after telling me that I’ve gained weight & asked me if I was eating healthy. Sometimes they drive me nuts & I just don’t understand the logic behind their thoughts. Of course I wasn’t allowed to help make the fudge after the BBQ incident where she thought I was “cross-contaminating” our food because I didn’t run in to wash the spatula off right away after firing up the grill. Sigh. Someday I vow to impress her with my cooking. Also, I washed my hands so many times over the course of the weekend that they are now so dry that they are actually starting to crack.

Without full story, here are some tidbits from my weekend because this blog post is already uber long:

– The weather was absolutely gorgeous, however my parents were freezing so I couldn’t open my house up.

– I tried watching “Elizabeth” the movie and my parents insisted on watching it with me… I’m still uncomfortable watching sex scenes with my parents, and this one had an orgy scene. Facepalm!

– They “taught” my dog, Astrid to “sing” Happy Birthday, now my dog won’t stop barking at the most annoying moments.

– I slept on the couch and gave them my room, they still woke me up everyday at 4 a.m. even though the livingroom is opposite side of the house from my room & kitchen.

– I was forced to watch the Weather Channel & *gulp* Fox News until they felt they had a good handle on what was going on around them for the moment.

– This morning they had meant to be on the road by 4 am, they woke me up but didn’t leave until well after 5 a.m. because they couldn’t go until the “coffee kicked in” and they both had their morning stools. There was no way I was going to get any sleep before I had to be up for work anyways.

Overall, it was a great visit and I’m super glad it won’t be repeated for another year. 😀


Happy Birthday, Kimberlee!

Posted in Holidays with tags , , on September 20, 2009 by ♥JellyBean♥

Man another one in the books, but I wanted to say Happy Birthday to Kimberlee, the woman behind the infamously famous JellyBean Madison.   I would just like to say that I am always glad when we close the gap between our ages back down to 1 rather than 2, so you can quit giving me such a hard time about it.   She is a pretty amazing woman, as many of you get to see glimpses of through her continuous sharing and often times oversharing of her life with our virtual friends.   In the end though I have to say that the JellyBean I know doesn’t hold a candle to the RL personality of Kimberlee, and every year that goes by is just another reason to celebrate and look forward to the next 75 times we get to do it.   Your one in a million babe, and I love you and am very happy I found you even if you were thousands of miles away.

Happy Birthday Goop!

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Happy Birthday Goopmeister! You are the craziest, most unique & genuine kid I’ve ever met. I’m sorta glad you’re mine. :p Don’t ever lose your sense of humor, your smile & your way of always finding fun where most people wouldn’t.

I hope this is the greatest birthday yet… Happy 10th you Goopy Goop!

Love, Mom

P.s. Do not prank me with that new prank set, or you & Hawks will pay! Dearly! 🙂

An Ode to Daila

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(sang to the tune of Barry Manilow’s “Mandy”)

I remember all my life rainin’ down as cold as ice
Shadows of a JellyBean
a face through a window
Cryin’ in the night
the night goes into morning.

Just another day
happy people pass my way
Looking in their eyes I see a mem’ry
I never realized how happy you made me.

well you came and you gave without taking
But I sent you away
oh Daila

Well you slapped me and stopped me from shaking
And I need you to entertain me today
oh Daila.

I’m standing on the edge of time
I’ve walked away when fun was mine
Caught up in a world of up-hill climbing
The tears are in my mind and nothing is rhyming.

well you came and you gave without taking.

Yesterday’s a dream-l face the morning
Crying on a breeze
the boring is calling

well you came and you gave without taking…


Love Bunches,

Jell & Hawks

2 Years Ago Today…

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HawksRock Gunawan took a chance with a girl in SecondLife that didn’t meet his original criteria. Even though they were good friends for months, it wasn’t until after a long hammock talk that it was agreed that they’d become a couple.

Almost a year later…  after many SL adventures from DJ’ing, machinima, blogging and even a wedding…. that girl took a chance on him and moved from Hawaii to the flat state of Kansas.

That girl is me… JellyBean Madison & I cannot imagine my life as it was before or any differently than it is today.

Happy Anniversary my heart – Here’s to many more years together. Forever & for always!


*Heart, mind, soul & whowho taken by HawksRock Gunawan in SL on 5/5/07 and in RL on 2/9/08*

Shamrocks and Shenanigans

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St. Patrick’s Day in Downtown Kansas City is the newest addition to one of Kansas City’s favorite traditions! Come down to see an AMAZING line up of live entertainment and music.

The party kicks off at 6 a.m. with KEGS & EGGS at McFadden’s, with 96.5 the BUZZ broadcasting live.

The NON-STOP  festivities continue throughout the day as 96.5 The Buzz presents SHAMROCKS & SHENANIGANS, a day-long Irish and rock music festival.  Check out the full line up below.

Shows begin at 11 am!

KC Live! is HOME to two of Kansas City’s biggest and BEST Irish bars: McFadden’s and Raglan Road Irish Pub. Grab some Irish fare at Raglan Road and check out the crazy games and contests at McFadden’s, or enjoy green beer and great music at KC Live! Shamrocks and Shenanigans, the newest St. Patrick’s day tradition at KC Live! in the Power and Light District!


Brynn says:
we should get shamrock tats
Kimberlee says:
and big hats!
Brynn says:
Brynn says:
and knee highs
Kelsey says:
oh totally
Kimberlee says:
and Kelsey *needs* those BIG green shamrock glasses!
Kelsey says:
I will get shamrock tats… it would be cool
Kelsey says:
Kelsey says:
I would rock them
Brynn says:
yes!! you need those
Kelsey says:
maybe not with that hat
Kelsey says:
that might be a tad bit much for me to keep track of
Brynn says:
Kelsey says:

Happy Birthday, Kimberlee!

Posted in Holidays, Real Life with tags , , on September 19, 2008 by hawksrock

Saturday,  September 20th a certain JellyBean Madison’s human is going to be celebrating a birthday.   Please join me in wishing, Kimberlee a very happy birthday!!   She has blessed all of our lives with her vitality, her sarcasm, her passion, her compulsive blogging, and most of all her totally infectious giggle which is enough to send anyone within a ten yard proximity into an uncontrollable fit of laughter.  She draws people to her like flies to ____ (wait I think honey actually has 5 letters.)   I am one very lucky guy, and I am thankful every day that she had the guts to come to Kansas, and in the face of much adversity, continues to shine brighter than ever.   Be sure to check out the Sandbar webcam around 11:30 (central time) to see her up on the bar, receiving her first hurricane shot from her favorite bar in the world.   I love you baby, and wish you the bestest birthday evah!!