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You know you’re addicted when you keep hitting refresh hoping to finally get through instead of seeing that same error message. Edge of your seat anxiety. Mashable reported Twitter being down since early this morning. I’ve read about it being overloaded, a vicious attack, a bug, etc. I don’t know factual specifics, nor do I really, honestly and truly care to.

Just stabilize already baby, I’m pulling for you.

Apparently due to Twitter’s inaccessibility, Facebook was starting to struggle from the massive flood of people trying to get their social media fix. Woah! We *are* a bunch of junkies, aren’t we? Thank goodness for good ole’ plurk – not always faithful, not always reliable, and always toting around a karma mistress who happens to be a huge bitch, but Hey! it’s there today.

I know this post is just blah blah blah – sorry!

It looks like Twitter is back up, but not fully feeling 100% better. Also apparently the outage was caused by Denial of Service Attack (DDoS). I don’t even know what that is. But welcome back Twitter – feel better soon!



At least I have a positive attitude about my destructive habits…

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Excuse me while I get on *my* selfish, self-centered, superior, holier than thou soapbox of why I don’t give a shit…

*adjusts her prims & flips her flexi-hair*

I’m not a sheep, I don’t care to be loved by the residents of SecondLife, be popular or even be invited to the in-crowd’s lunch table. I take full blame or credit (depending on the day) for everything that I do & things that I may say. Like the title says, I’m pretty okay with all that.

Yes, I play SL, oh did I say that? “Play SL”? Of course I do. I don’t live there anymore like I use to and I found that reality on the outside is a pretty damn good place. Okay so you can’t change the sky with windlight… but living in Kansas, you don’t have to. It’s on a 5 minute timer and changes on it’s own. Not to mention that it’s quickly approaching summer and my friend Kelso says Vitamin D from real sun rays is good for you.

With all that said, I find most things in SL completely laughable. I know some residents are die-hards like I use to be and easily get butt hurt over the stupidest virtual things. So I do still have a soft spot because trust me, I do remember. I also know that not everyone has my sense of humor. Sometimes it seems a little sick & twisted but honestly I’m not truly a vengeful person.

So this blog post is to those out there that don’t “get me”… it’s okay you don’t have to but if you could pull your heads a little further out of your virtual asses & read into things how they actually are (in a humorous way) you’re lives would be a little less dramz and a lil more *squee*.

*bows, steps of soapbox, trips, gets up & tries to walk away gracefully*

Vampires Don’t Sparkle!

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So I play Zyngo a lot. Shup! I don’t ask you what you do all day! Anyways… I happen to meet a lot of interesting people at good ole’ Zyngo.

Willow Vamp: hey there
HawksRock Gunawan: hi Willow
Willow Vamp: would you two like to become vampires?
Willow Vamp: great people, fun times
JellyBean Madison: when did vampires ask first?
HawksRock Gunawan: we are actually vampire hunters
Willow Vamp: I always ask
Willow Vamp: I would never just bite someone
HawksRock Gunawan: your just lucky i have a zyngo game going or I would be able to find my weapons
Willow Vamp: i met some great friends through it
Willow Vamp: find those weapons
Willow Vamp: i fear no human
HawksRock Gunawan: lol
Willow Vamp: where you from?
HawksRock Gunawan: SL, how about you?
Willow Vamp: okay then
Willow Vamp: nevermind
Willow Vamp: friendly people

Making friends?

Posted in Observations on May 17, 2009 by ♥JellyBean♥

whitney Alex: how old are you in real life
JellyBean Madison: is this real life? I didn’t get the memo
whitney Alex: no i mean not here
JellyBean Madison: I know, I was being a smart ass. I don’t divulge real life info to people I don’t know
whitney Alex: oh dont think i waw going rob or rape you
JellyBean Madison: HaHa! no shit
JellyBean Madison: I play sl so I can be anonymous
whitney Alex: what ever bitch
JellyBean Madison: ㋡ ty

So when did it become acceptable to say “hello” and immediately jump into “a/s/l”? Only like never was that acceptable. SL is not AIM and it baffles me that people still treat it that way. Poor whitney & I coulda been great friends. I could helped her adjust her prim hair and taught her how to wear a flexi prim skirt. Le sigh

JellyBean Madison: where did you go? I need a pic of you for my blog post
Second Life: User not online – message will be stored and delivered later.


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You know what I want, what I really really want? I want to start making JH Reports again. Remember those? Actually I really want to start doing anything productive again… other than WoW, gym, work & sleep. Hold onto your hobbies & passion people – when you lose ’em, life gets dull!

Need New Dramz…

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I don’t get “out” inworld much because well… I don’t log inworld much. Tonight however my HawksRock had to work late, and technically I *should* be in bed but due to crazy ass circumstances, here I am awaiting his phone call.

Earlier I decided I’d kill some time and hang in SL. Whatever shall I do? Aka is playing WoW with Peter, Rosie is at work, Hawks isn’t available and well… I pretty much hate everyone else. I kid! I kid! No srsly, I like very few of you. I say that with complete and tote love.

Anyways, everywhere I went, it was that stupid blogger dramz, you know the crazy one that shall not be named? Yuh, her. Have we hit a drama drought? That’s all we got? Really? Her and content theft? C’mon people can you please create a juicy scandal of some sort? I’m bored and apparently there is no reason to log in anymore.

Tringo has all but become extinct except in the lil corner of the SLworld that Hawks & I live on, fashion has seen better days, grid is pretty shitactular as of late, and all you can go on about is how she keeps going on about everyone else. Crazy is as crazy does people! You know how you truly make crazy attention seeking people go away? You ignore them. TADA! OMG! I’m like magic and stuff.

I’ll expect those TPS reports on my desk Monday morning with some new dramz, kay? Thank you for your cooperation & if you give me good reports, I might not make you come in on Saturday. *wink*

2nd Rez Day – Retrospective

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So I have this big tradition of sitting down and writing a reflective post on my rez day to look back and share all my learnings with those younger than myself so hopefully they won’t hafta learn the hard way like I did.   Okay, yeah so I totally just BS’ed that line, and I have only had one other rez day so it isn’t like a long-standing tradition and all, but whatever!

It just feels like I should say something since I did last year here.   Since I did a top 25 list last year, let’s see if I have learned 10 more this year.


1)  Being a premium member doesn’t really enhance your experience any unless you are a land baron.

2)  It is all about the relationships.   Period.  I get more excited about a great convo with friends, than the coolest build in the entire metaverse.

3)  Sometimes it is better to sit a day on a heated post than to post it, but you will get more traffic and honesty if you just hit the go button.

4)  Plurk is quickly becoming my new SL.   If we started streaming music while plurking as DJ’s it would meet about 80% of my satisfaction I get from SL.

5)  Don’t be afraid to cut emo’s from your list rather than just watching them cut themselves and tell you every little detail of it.   It gets pretty old and predictable fast.

6)  Not only do a lot of dudes play ugly women AV’s and think they are hiding it (FAIL)  but also women play hot male AV’s and hide it well (DOH!).

7)  If you start a relationship with someone’s alt.   They are gonna cheat on you within the year.

8)  If you make something you enjoy into work, then you aren’t going to enjoy it anymore.

9)  A long conversation over a slow dance is ten times more meaningful than over IM or while standing around.

10) It is possible to find RL love in SL, and to make it work.   🙂