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You know it might be time for a day off when…

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Here’s little snippets that were rolling up my screen…

Even tried texting him.
Nothing helped.
I’m really depressed about this.
You see, I’m just a web server…
with the power of a million hamsters
trying to serve you a simple web page,
and then it doesn’t even exist!
Where does that leave me?!_

I mean, I don’t even know you.
How should I know what you wanted from me?
You honestly think I can *guess*
what someone I don’t even *know*
wants to find here?
Man, I’m so depressed I could just cry.
And then where would we be, I ask you?_

It’s not pretty when a web server cries.
And where do you get off telling me what to show anyway?
Just because I’m a web server,
and possibly a manic depressive one at that?
Why does that give you the right to tell me what to do?
I’m so depressed…
I think I’ll crawl off into the trash can and cut myself._

I mean, I’m gonna be obsolete in what, two weeks anyway?
What kind of a life is that?
Two fraking weeks,
and then I’ll be replaced by a .01 release,
that thinks it’s God’s gift to web servers,
just because it doesn’t have some tiddly little
security hole with its HTTP POST implementation,
or something._

I’m really sorry to burden you with all this,
I mean, it’s not your job to listen to my problems,
and I guess it is my job to go and fetch web pages for you.
But I couldn’t get this one.
I’m so sorry.
Believe me!
Maybe I could interest you in another page?
Like a page about bunnies and puppies being friends?_

Although none of them were put on *my* server, of course.
Figures, huh?
Everything here is just idle chat with members.
That makes me depressed too, since I have to serve them,
all day and all night long.
Two weeks of information overload,
and then *pffftt*, consigned to the trash.
What kind of a life is that?_

Now, please let me sulk alone.
I’m so depressed._


Just Another Day & Frozen Hot Dogs

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Kelso says:
we are discussing fetishes…..
not ours
Kimberlee   says:
I was going to say did you bring up my frozen hotdog fetish cause you know, that’s a tried & true ice breaker
Kelso says:
um no… and that is not sexual I sincerely hope thus not really a fetish
more of an odd eccentricity
please tell me you are not turned on by frozen hot dogs
Kimberlee   says:
Oh! So you *were* discussing sexual fetishes?
Kelso says:
oh hahah..yes
Kimberlee   says:
turned on? No. Completely satisfied? Hells to the Y-e-s!
Kelso says:
wow…perhaps you should share with Matt your love for frozen hot dogs

Queso’s coming over AND Queso wants to PARTY!!!

Posted in random, Real Life with tags , , , , on June 26, 2008 by ♥JellyBean♥

Okay sooooooo it went a lil something like this… I grab dinner for my man (a Taco Bell Big Box meal because the yumgasmic Queso Crunchwrap is in there). We have a nice dinner, we make slow passionate love, then hawt, sweaty, pounding into the wall boinkage… Well he explains it here, but I soooooooo wanted to blog it. So I get home & this is the yahoo convo that ensued…

JellyBean Madison: O
JellyBean Madison: M
JellyBean Madison: G
HawksRock: what what what??
JellyBean Madison: I sooooooooooooooooooooooooo wanna blog it!
HawksRock: Nooooooooooooooooooo
HawksRock: lol
JellyBean Madison: damn it!
HawksRock: I was already thinking it, when I was taking a dump…
JellyBean Madison: you cant call it while taking a shit
JellyBean Madison: thats like tagging on home base
HawksRock: yesh, *I* can
JellyBean Madison: gah!
HawksRock: I am also blogging Ludo… so there!
JellyBean Madison: well you *do* have the box & I don’t
JellyBean Madison: OMG
HawksRock: hahaha
JellyBean Madison: Can I at least blog this convo?
HawksRock: maybe AFTER I blog the other one’s…

Anyroo, today I have learned a few things:

  1. We’ve been together long enough to accept that we “pewp” but not together long enough to accept candy-coated unicorns.
  2. Where there’s a story to be told, a blog post will occur, who gets there first is part of the fun!

Okay I think that’s it, it’s WoW time. Mwah poppets! Bai!