Coolest Thing Ever!

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I’m the first person to scoff at certain roleplay…

Vampires? Really? You are asking me for permission to bite me? In my sick & sometimes twisted Vampire fantasies, the vamps never ask, they just take me all romantically hard & stuff. There’s other RP that I could mention here & also spew my opinions about but then I’d just digress from telling you about the Coolest Thing Ever Ever Ever ever ever ever.

All over plurk I’ve been seeing “doll skins”. At first I was like “o-kay” and then I move on.  I’m not a big fan of lined doll skins. In my opinion dolls don’t have lines because they want to, dolls have lines because of function, they have to! (Yes, I know I am talking about dolls like they’re real, shup!) So if I’m going to be a doll in SL, I’m not going to have lines or buy a skin. Instead I’m going to find a cute updo hair style, wear my regular skin, throw on a tutu & get myself a wind up key… And so I did.

And I’m freaking adorable!

The thing about this key is that it was made to work with a sub collar for doll play. So you can’t just buy the Doll Key and expect it to work. You have to either buy a compatible collar or the “container”. Since it’s a proven fact that I do not make a good sub, slave or pet from past experiences, I went with the “container” (it’s located on the left hand side wall next to the Doll Keys). The instructions are a bit intense, and set up is a bit tricky. The good news is that Briggit & Peggy are awesome with customer service. Briggit helped me get my key up & spinning in no time and she explained to me exactly what I needed to do in terms I could understand.

So I haven’t even told you what I find to be the coolest bit about the key. First of all, you cannot wind yourself. Nope, you are at the mercy of others around you, or screwed if you’re alone. That’s my favorite part. When you aren’t wound, you’re slumped, cannot speak in general chat, key is not spinning, and you cannot tp. Your best bet is to IM someone & ask for a wind up. This is great for anyone looking to make new friends, don’t you think? What better ice breaker do you need other than “Hi I know you don’t know me but could you possibly touch the key on my back and wind me up?” Each wind up is good for 30 minutes so it could also help curb your need to shop for long periods of time.

As with most collars (which is the premise for the “container”, you get to choose a Master that can control you if you choose via blue drop down menu or command words. If you attempt to remove the key, your Master will be notified just like with any standard collar.

A lil from the notecard:

dollsit  (forces the doll to sit)

dolloff  (Shuts the doll down manually)

dollwave  (make the doll wave)

dollfollow (makes the doll follow you.)

There’s much more but since I’m blogging from work & Hawks isn’t my errand boy, you’ll just have to go check it out for yourself. Below are the SLURLS to the things I used to put this look together & make it functionable…

Doll Key & Container: Brigitt and Peggy’s store
A little shop with Amethyst collar plugins, Clockwork Doll keys, Jewelry, Dungeon Torches, piecing gag, collars, Land Rentals on the waterfront.

AO: ANAMATIONS – Music Dancer AO

TUTU: Sn@tch – Murder Ballet

Shoes: Shiny Things – Ballet flat – black

Hair: Truth – Rose – bubblegum

A big thank you and shout out to the one & only Inclinations Moody who had this look first and was nice enough to let me copy her.

Thank you also to HawksRock for grabbing the SLURLS for me and being my new more leniant Master.


Can’t . Seem . To . Focus…

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I feel like I get too busy doing this or doing that and I ignore you my little blog of everything JellyBean & Hawks-esque. Well, not today, no sir, you are definitely getting fondled with my hot little keystrokes of love. Afterall I am a little brilliant today, not a lot, let’s not get crazy… Not yet anyway but I’m trying. So my little Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch how have you been? Have you missed me? Awww, I’ve missed you too even though I don’t show it as often as I should.

I really haven’t much to say here and that makes me sad. Forgive me, I can’t help how I am. I guess I could mention Twitter, Plurk, the Meet Up Group, SecondLife, my newest machinima project or even sauerkraut which apparently is only considered not horrifying universally by like 15 other people including Kelsey. I hate the smell of sauerkraut so much and I hope she never brings it for lunch.

Currently I’m reading a book called “Eat. Pray. Love.” by by Elizabeth Gilbert for the Meet Up Group Book Club. Now normally this isn’t a book I would choose on my own to read, but none of the last 5 books I’ve read have been either. This is a true story of one woman’s search for everything across Italy, India and Indonesia. The first part (Italy) had me craving a vaca and a real Italian pizza. This second part (India) has me contemplating daily meditation. Who knows I may be in touch with a higher being or at least my Gastrointestinal Tract sometime in the next decade. One can always dream.

So between reading, my kids, Hawks, my meet up group, twitter & yada yada, obviously I’ve had little time for SecondLife. Though I did manage to log in last night and start on a new machinima with lil Miss Diva Rosie Shark as the lead. Fabulous, right? I make no guarantees but I hope to at least have it put together by Wednesday, possibly.

I’ve meet some fabo locals and even a few Townies on Twitter lately, so that’s exciting. It feels good to have local friends again. Not that I’m a sad pathetic lonely person or anything… Okay shup! I don’t judge you openly like that. Really? Ouch! Now that was uncalled for.

… (annoyed) …

Well kiddo, that’s all I have time for today. The main purpose was definitely to make sure you still felt loved and not neglected. The second was to push that awful picture of me down the page. Haha! Mission accomplished.


Happy Birthday, Kimberlee!

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Man another one in the books, but I wanted to say Happy Birthday to Kimberlee, the woman behind the infamously famous JellyBean Madison.   I would just like to say that I am always glad when we close the gap between our ages back down to 1 rather than 2, so you can quit giving me such a hard time about it.   She is a pretty amazing woman, as many of you get to see glimpses of through her continuous sharing and often times oversharing of her life with our virtual friends.   In the end though I have to say that the JellyBean I know doesn’t hold a candle to the RL personality of Kimberlee, and every year that goes by is just another reason to celebrate and look forward to the next 75 times we get to do it.   Your one in a million babe, and I love you and am very happy I found you even if you were thousands of miles away.

Want . Coolest . Bike . EvaR!

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My friend Tristan Micheline plurked the coolest bike ever! Now I want it, Oh I want it so bad!!! Thanks a lot Tris. :p

HawksRock Gunawan: lol, nice!
JellyBean Madison: its so tote me
HawksRock Gunawan: mhm
JellyBean Madison: looket handle grips
HawksRock Gunawan: lol, nice!
HawksRock Gunawan: I think it only has one gear though
JellyBean Madison: so?
HawksRock Gunawan: so no help going up hill.   lol
JellyBean Madison: I only need one gear – go!
HawksRock Gunawan: u remmy that when I ride off and leave you in my dust a huffing and puffing.
JellyBean Madison: you remmy I only have “go!” gear and avoid hills
HawksRock Gunawan: lol
HawksRock Gunawan: kinda tough in Lawrence.   lol
HawksRock Gunawan: Painted Pink Stainless Steel Spokes, Custom skull graphic on fenders, chainguard, seat and grips, Painted Rims, Pink Wall tires, Black Chainwheel
HawksRock Gunawan: the fenders have the custom skull graphic too
JellyBean Madison: I want it so fucking hard!
HawksRock Gunawan: lol
JellyBean Madison: mayhaps more than the robotic dog
JellyBean Madison: ok no
JellyBean Madison: def a smidge less than robotic dog
JellyBean Madison: but still A LOT
HawksRock Gunawan: lol
HawksRock Gunawan: bookmark it
JellyBean Madison: oh I did, I already did!

Bike Link

1,750 miles later…

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We’re finally back home after trekking across 7 states (Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia & Alabama) and putting 1,750 miles on the odometer. I have to say the leaving Thursday after work was the best idea I ever had. We ended up splitting the 13 hour drive in half by getting a hotel room Thursday night in Paducah, KY. The boys were really good too, which was absolutely amazing!

We arrived at my Mom’s house Friday early evening-ish and were greeted by my two older sisters, my Mom, my Pops and a few of their local friends. My Mom looked really good. I think I was expecting much worse, but she’s a strong woman. Most definitely.

My sister Vicki & I are probably the closest and I’m going to bet that’s mostly because we’re closer in age & just “get” eachother. Haha! I knew Hawks & I were going to be in danger if we didn’t have Mnt Dew in the house while we were there 4 days. I had asked to go to the store and of course, Vicki, or better “Lack-Of-Direction” Vicki was the only one who offered me a lift. My Pops offered up his truck, which is his beloved TRUCK, only after a long list of dos and definite don’ts.

We left Hawks, the boys, my older sister Debi & my parents there while we went “joy riding” in Pops’ truck. Of course as soon as Vicki pulled out of the drive way she went right when she should have gone left. As soon as I mentioned to her that I thought town was to the left, she realized she screwed up & started panicking that my Pops probably saw us go the wrong way. She quickly remembered that Pops had taken her earlier in the day to a neighbor’s house and he had forgotten his hat there. Well since it was already the direction we were heading she suggested we could use that as an excuse as to why we turned right instead of left… “Pops we thought since we were out, we’d pick up your hat *good samaritan smiles & eye lash flutters*”

The only down side is she had only been to the neighbor’s house once & we had to guess the way since all country back roads look the same to us city folk. What is it that my Mom says? Oh yes… “Oh it’s just down the road a’piece.” We ended up on this one road where it looked like an entire family was out on their porch drinking from jars. One kid with a bright yellow cast on one arm was hanging from a tree with his good arm which was right next to the full size REAL horse that was tied to the porch railing next to a kiddie pool. “We’re no longer in Kansas,” I said jokingly and she says “No doubt, we’re definitely in Bama.”

We finally find the neighbor’s house after almost getting into a head on collision with a beat up truck going at least 60 mph down the narrow (1 car wide) dirt road we had to take to get up to the house. If you’ve ever been to Borden Springs, AL. you’d know everything there is on a hill… we pull up and Vicki puts on the emergency break & runs up to the house to get Pops’ hat. I wait in the truck since I was nervous about the stray dogs chillaxin around the property and I was just catching my breath from the near death experience of the almost-collision.

After 10 minutes Vicki returns to the truck with Pops’ hat & explains that she told the neighbor to call my parents’ house & let them know that we had just picked up the hat (to further the story that we knew which way town was, we went right instead of left to grab hat). Then Vicki realizes she has no idea how to disengage the emergency break after accidentally popping the hood. Remember I said everything is on a hill there? Well yeah, the truck was facing DOWNHILL when she told me to hop out and close the hood while she fiddled with getting the e-brake off. Oh sure, I’ll go stand in front of the truck on a hill! Right! As I get the hood closed, she releases brake & I quickly get out of the way as she slams both feet onto the brake to keep from running me over. The whole time this is HILARIOUS. Scary and hilarious. I hadn’t even been there more than a couple hours & I already had my favorite story.

We finally head back towards town, waving & smiling with the hat as we pass my parents’ house (later we realized they didn’t even know we had turned the wrong way to begin with). My first day there & my only day I got to spend with Vicki before she left to fly back to California. After that it was Debi, my parents & us til last night when my older brother arrived. I have a lot more stories to tell, none as funny as the one with Vicki, but still stories from the trip. Tonight though I need to rest up, I have work tmw. Sweetest dreams.

Over the river and thru the woods, To grandma’s house we go…

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So a couple weeks ago I wrote a post about my Mom called On A Serious Note… I didn’t even think to follow up on it and for those that care, I apologize.

During my Mom’s surgery they discovered cancer cells & she was diagnosed with Stage 3c Ovarian Cancer. Ovarian cancer is the eighth most common cancer among American women and the fifth leading cause of cancer death. This year, the American Cancer Society estimates 20,180 women will be diagnosed with the cancer. About 15,310 will die from it.

They have removed my Mom’s ovaries and her omentum (yah I know, I never heard of it before either, google it, it’s fascinating).  She stayed in the hospital a few days and both my sisters are there with her, as well as my Pops. As soon as she heals from this surgery, she’ll need gall bladder surgery. We think they have gotten all the cancer out, but she’ll still need chemo.

This weekend we’ll be driving up there (actually starting tonight) to visit with her & see all my siblings (it’s been 6 years). It’s a long drive with two kids, so if you’d like to donate tylenol, red vines, vodka. Please hollar! kiddin’

Pirates of the Burning Sea … Pre-Play

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Note: Not an actual picture from Pirates of the Burning Sea

Note: Not an actual picture from "Pirates of the Burning Sea"

Pirates of the Burning Sea™ is an MMORPG featuring high-seas action and adventure in a bold world of pirates and plunder. Set against the backdrop of the New World of the 18th century, players can choose one of three nations — England, France or Spain — or choose the role of a Pirate and battle it out for glory and power.

So I haven’t actually played this yet, but you get my review anyways of the pre-play. So I went to the official site last night after Hawks talked about playing it all day yesterday, thanks to Dancien’s Atomic Valley post.

There’s a 14 Day Free Trial. Huzzah! You’ll need to submit your email address to receive a trial code to participate in the free trial. Mine took forever to arrive, but I’m guessing that may have a bit to do with the fact that the site was acting wonky to begin with.

So once I received my trial code, I could not get it to download on my lappy. I must confess I never did try to download it on my desktop as that seemed like tmlw at the time. Thanks to Luth that told me of another way to download it:

Luth says

ok yeah. I’m DL directly from sony the newest version. use this:
So I let it do it’s thing all night. I woke up this morning with “connection error – disconnected” (annoyed face) I started it up again and we’ll see what happens. All in all it’s already been a pain in my ass, so let’s hope it’s worth it. It sure does look cool:

I should include that we decided to play as pirates on the Blackbeard server. So once I *do* get in… Who is with me trying it out???