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Posted in Fun & Games with tags , , on August 10, 2008 by ♥JellyBean♥

Remy didn’t really want to pose for this pic as he was busy bitchin about Murloc infestations, Defias gangstas pimping the wagons & messing up the town with their loud music and graffiti. In fact as I took this pic he was yelling at kids to get off his “farkin” lawn! Crazy ole man.

Anyroo, I was cracking myself up… seriously, so let me share with you my story. Hawks & I have been playing our dranei (or however you spell it, I call them hoofies) and we got them up to level 42! Can I get a woo? Well tonight we decided to start back on our original human chars so I could get a mount. I was like 9.5 bars from lvl 30. So that’s where we’ve been.

After we got me to level 30, we realized that I had to go to Stormwind to train & we “thought” that’s where I needed to get my mount. Wrong! But we didn’t know that at the time. It was a hella long jaunt from Auberdine to Stormwind. I fingered I’d take the boat to Menethil Harbor & fly from there to Stormwind. Ya’ll trackin? Prob not for those non-WoW geeks. :p

Excerpts from said journey:

Hawksbabe: SHIT!

Hawksrock: what?

Hawksbabe: I was running to catch the boat because it was there & I didn’t wanna miss it. I fell in 😦

Hawksrock: lmao

Hawksbabe: it’s a good thing I like me, or I’d be pissed!


Hawksbabe: I need a mount just to get me to where I get my mount. Irony.


Hawksbabe: the logging camp is where I go.

Hawksrock: that sucks more, it’s quite a jaunt.

Hawksbabe: you can track Hawksbabe’s mount progress at


Hawksbabe: Woo! I just ran thru Goldshire.

Hawksbabe: the memories *wipes tear*

Hawksrock: lmao

Hawksbabe: Oh gosh! remmy the 1st time Kruser wore pants?

Hawksrock: haha! You’re right that was in Goldshire.

Hawksbabe: *sighs a sigh of happiness* Those were the days


Hawksbabe: I can get a pinto.

Hawksbabe: the poor ppl horse, not a great crash rating, kind of a beater, bad mileage, but hey! it’s a mount.

Hawksrock: so are you mounted or what?

Hawksbabe: LOL hold on I’m on a roll. She talked me into the Chestnut Mare, it’s a step above the pinto for the same cost.

Hawksrock: lol does this mean you can hearthstone home & I can go to bed?

Hawksbabe: lol ok fine. The night I’m at my best comedy and you just wanna leave. rofl

Hawksrock: go blog about it!

Hawksbabe: nah it’s only funny if you blog about it. I can’t blog about it.

blah blah blah! I blogged it 🙂 But really, you had to be there. The end.