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Life After 30?

Posted in Real Life with tags , , , on August 30, 2008 by ♥JellyBean♥

Last night was the first time that I’ve gone out and actually partied like crazy since I left Hawaii. I have Kelso to thank for that. So like… Thanks!

Hawks had to work today so he stayed in & I went out. Starting with The Replay Lounge. I went by myself because Kelso & her brother weren’t downtown quite yet. Kinda good & pathetic at the same time – I didn’t have to pay the $3.00 cover because *I* was alone. Hah!

As soon as I hooked up with Kelso & her brother we bar hopped… BUT it wasn’t until we ended up at the Sandbar that things took off. Yes, I now know that the link I just threw in here is actually a live cam at the bar. *slaps forehead* Not that I did anything wrong but I was dancing in about the same spot that cam is angled. Haha! I’m sure ya’ll would have loved to see me dance to Tonto Jump On It or Hammertime, huh? Two words: Good Times!

A favorite of visiting alumni, The Sandbar has a penchant for Songs You Know By Heart and other tropical tunes. It’s a cozy cabana both in space and spirit. Sip a margarita next to their huge tanks of exotic fish. Get down up on the bar. Or max with a smile. The Sandbar is as free-spirited as a sailboat.

I think they have the only indoor hurricane in the world—a full-scale special effects production complete with driving wind and rain. I had bubbles in my hair & I quickly realized why I needed to cover my drink as they warned prior.

Firsts for me included their exclusive Shark Attack drink (you had to be there to understand), dirty banana (I crack myself up) shots & an Irish Car Bomb shot. I even got to bring beads home around my neck & didn’t even show my tatas for em!

We’re so going back… but right now I need a nap to kill the rest of this hellacious hangover.